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  1. Inland Air Balance

    Sprint and T-Mobile suck.

    Ok so now that Sprint and T mobile have merged T- Mobile is the primary service provider, and could not be more F*#ked up. They have my account so jacked they think we are delinquent. Looking to drop them after 15 years of half-assing with the Sprint part of it but now its beyond screwed up over...
  2. Inland Air Balance

    Street Fair live coverage???

    Like it says,,, Any live coverage the street fair for those of us stuck in a office? Some on please show us what we are missing. Thanks-Dave
  3. Inland Air Balance

    Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

    Thinking about dumping the wifes Jeep Grand Cherokee and picking up a '21 MB GLE 53 AMG coupe (GLE 350 souped up by AMG). Anyone have one? Thoughts? Regrets? She test drove one and said it definatley handled better, more solid feeling then her Jeep GC. TIA-Dave
  4. Inland Air Balance

    Acura RDX?

    My oldest daughter is car shopping. Shes looking at MB GLB 250, I informed her maybe look at Acura RDX and Lexus NX as well. Shes going to be racking some miles on this as she is a Makeup artist and does quite a bit of commuting and needs the cargo space of a Small SUV for her supplies. Shes not...
  5. Inland Air Balance

    Trademark/copyright person?

    My daughter has started her career in the makeup artist industry and its starting to take off. She feels she should trademark/ copyright her “name”. Anyone here point us in the right direction. I’m assuming it would a particular type of attorney. Thanks. btw she is a graduate of “FIDM” and...
  6. Inland Air Balance

    $1 a round for bulk 9mm?????

    When did 9mm get to $1 per round? I'm afraid to look what my 44 mag rounds are now. Whos paying this?
  7. Inland Air Balance

    Hey LAM! A 911 on 9-11 or should I say a 992 at 52?

    So I've been wanting something for cruising the neighborhood. I was thinking a Hellcat, but the interior didnt do anything for me. then I thought maybe I should buy a '34 Ford hot-rod, but I figured I didn't want anything else to wrench on. I took a test drive in this on Friday. Holy shit balls...
  8. Inland Air Balance

    FIOS VOIP, business phone system?

    We moved our office over the weekend and brought our existing phone system and inside phone contractor to the new place. It hasn’t worked since Saturday. Our guy (Avaya) says it’s frontier, frontier has had 4 different techs out, they say it’s his equipment. Does any member sell or install this...
  9. Inland Air Balance

    New golf cart questions---

    We currently have 4 seater 36v. ez go. its getting a little long in the tooth and we could use the extra room so I been thinking about picking up a new 6 seater from Premiere. My question is does anyone have any experience with the new 56v Lithium set-up vs the 72v. lead acid standard battery...
  10. Inland Air Balance

    Customer states "unit not cooling"....

    No joke kids, one of my techs just sent this to me.... Which one of you Inmate Service Companies is supposed to be taking care of this store?
  11. Inland Air Balance

    Havasu this weekend....

    Coming out the clean the pad up after the snowbirds have left. My wife is concerned about the stores in Havasu. Are they taking the same precautions they are here in So. Cal (masks on everyone, disinfecting carts, spacial awareness)? Shes a cancer survivor (4 years clear) so shes a little (alot)...
  12. Inland Air Balance

    PIrates cove shut down???

    This rumor just in from those other "river dips"- Just talked to San Bernardino sheriff Dept and they wanted me to let everyone know that the Pirates cove channel and beaches will no longer be open to boats. The health Dept has ordered Pirates to shut down the entire channel and beaches on both...
  13. Inland Air Balance

    In need of a better Tax Accountant

    Im not looking for a person to lie about what we owe, just one that isnt just filling in the forms. Im about to get my ass handed to me and I think my current CPA is just basically filling in the form. The one I currently have is at a larger firm and is the 3rd one in the last 10 years due to...
  14. Inland Air Balance

    Palomar install...

    Palomar install happening now. So far I'm impressed. These guys showed up ready to play.
  15. Inland Air Balance

    high speed chase

  16. Inland Air Balance

    Quality Performance Marine in Corona-Closed???

    I just tried calling Rob over there for annual service and the line has been disconnected. Google shows as "permanently closed". Anybody got the 411 on whats up? I've been using them for the last 5 or 6 years.
  17. Inland Air Balance

    5 cops shot in phili....

  18. Inland Air Balance

    Big Bear Car Show?

    Big bear car show this weekend, anyone going?
  19. Inland Air Balance

    Business banking?

    With so many board members that are business owners who do you use? We were with Opus when they bought our little local bank, then they closed that branch. Now we use a credit union, great people up there but they aren't really in the "business banking" business. I'd like to open another account...
  20. Inland Air Balance

    Anybody else watching the Channel live cam?

    https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/london-bridge-havasu Been watching the big boats trickling in... Cant be out there until Friday afternoon so this will have to do until then.