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  1. Terminal Velocity

    Super charger chiller

    Anyone have an opinion on this chiller? Have a friend looking to get one and he sent me this. I’m not up on what’s good or not.
  2. Terminal Velocity

    New Mid Engine Corvette

    If anyone is looking for a new Corvette Mid Engine. My Mothers Work (Ken Garff Chevrolet, American Fork, Utah) and a sponsor for my race boat last year has one on the floor. Buyer backed out. Ask for Tyson Ivie 801-692-6158, tell them Jeanne Gregory son James Gregory who races boats sent you...
  3. Terminal Velocity

    Home Depot Deal

    Good deal on these low profile ladders. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Gorilla-Ladders-47-25-in-x-12-in-x-20-in-Aluminum-Slim-Fold-Work-Platform-300-lbs-Load-Capacity-GLWP-47/305590237
  4. Terminal Velocity

    Question: On Trac for shipping

    Anyone use On Trac for shipping packages? Seems Summit uses them for the western states. Trying to figure out who won't jack up the boxes. Thanks
  5. Terminal Velocity

    This isn't good in Las Vegas

    I know there are people here in the off-road industry/family. Sounds like the deceased may have been the car that caused the accident. https://www.ktnv.com/news/good-samaritans-rescue-4-year-old-girl-from-fatal-crash-on-i-15
  6. Terminal Velocity

    SCSC Spring Classic Race April 18 - 19 Canceled

    Per Ross on Facebook... Received today, Monday, 3/16/20 from The Blue Water Resort & Casino: Per Colorado River Indian Tribal Council Declaration - all Special Events are to be cancelled. This includes any future booked Special Events indicated on our 2020 Events & Entertainment calendar...
  7. Terminal Velocity

    SCSC Bakersfield Race This Weekend Canceled...

    Here's what Ross posted on Facebook.. "The time is 2:30 pm on Thursday and I just received a final call from Kern County cancelling the 2020 Lake Ming Season Kick Off. For the last hour I tried to speak to all persons in charge at the County of Kern but in the end this panic has got the state...
  8. Terminal Velocity

    NBA Season on Suspended

    https://www.ksl.com/article/46729011/nba-suspends-season-as-rudy-gobert-reportedly-tests-positive-for-coronavirus Wow.
  9. Terminal Velocity

    TV sound bars

    Obviously this isn’t a high end sound system. But for the price it sounded really good in the store, and to me, had better BANG in sub and more surround sound, and the center talking was clearer than similar bigger(aka wider) sound bars with similar center channels.
  10. Terminal Velocity

    Paging JD Dearden

    Hoping the Lake Point brush fire isn’t too close to you and your family. If I remember right that’s where your new house is.
  11. Terminal Velocity

    Nearly two dozen boats and jet skis,...Theft ring caught in Texas

    Seen this on Facebook, Mentions a $100k boat from Arizona...
  12. Terminal Velocity

    A video for all you Desert Stormers

    LOL, the Jobbie Nooner. Spoof of a Pure Michigan video...
  13. Terminal Velocity

    Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire in Paris

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-today-2019-04-15/ Dammmm
  14. Terminal Velocity

    NHRA breaking news, No Tony at Pomona

  15. Terminal Velocity

    Possible Stolen/Abandoned?

    So on Facebook on River Whips they're discussing the possibility that this boat may have been stolen, abandoned apparently it's in Cali somewhere? Reg Numbers are AZ 5775 AM Post on FB RiverWhips "Is this anyones Cole? Its sitting on a street by itself with flat tires, no truck around and the...
  16. Terminal Velocity

    Any Delta Employees

    anybody on RDP work for Delta? My mother lost her Phone on a flight into Salt Lake Flight number 2521, Seat 15D on Nov 29. She’s received a loss # (1536600) she’s just not getting any correspondence and was wondering. Thanks in advance. And dealing with ATT is a whole nuther issue.
  17. Terminal Velocity

    [SOLD] 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

    It's time. Selling my Dads 2004 Dodge Ram SLT 4x4 2500 Cummins Diesel with 6 speed Manual trans. 98,795 miles, 8' bed. I have a Bed shell that goes with (needs new rear window) and another set of wheels for the truck. I have it listed locally as well (Salt Lake City, Utah) at $33,000 OBO. If...
  18. Terminal Velocity


    i wanted a motorcycle, mon wanted a violin...I WIN
  19. Terminal Velocity

    Hey RD

    Advertising space available for Burley boat races. :D;) Coozies make great fuel filter insulators.