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  1. MisplacedSooner

    US Open at Torrey Pines

    I think Henley is going to struggle today. I hope not but just have that feeling.
  2. MisplacedSooner

    US Open at Torrey Pines

    That was a big ass rattler. Didn’t know y’all had them on the coast. F that.
  3. MisplacedSooner

    California is Open! No Masks Required

    All of the big box stores, Walmart, Target, Home Depot etc, removed the mask requirement once our state ended the mandate. KS
  4. MisplacedSooner

    Netflix- Sweet Tooth

    I was skeptical but gave it a chance, can’t wait for season two. Kind of eerie with what we have gone through.
  5. MisplacedSooner

    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    2 My Grandpas two brothers that I never got to meet. Couldn’t imagine how my great grandma felt. I was fortunate to remember her but I think I was 10 or so when she passed away.
  6. MisplacedSooner

    What book is on your night stand?

    Green Hills of Africa, Hemingway. Trying to read all of his books. One of my favorite writers is Robert Ruark.
  7. MisplacedSooner

    1974 Monaco Grand Prix

    Why wouldn’t they double check the side that wasn’t involved in the impact after qualifying? Especially since they were on pole and a very difficult track to pass on.
  8. MisplacedSooner

    1974 Monaco Grand Prix

    James Hunt! Rush on Netflix is a solid movie about him and Louda. Today’s race was good. Nice to see Verstappen win and the Silver Arrows struggle for a change.
  9. MisplacedSooner

    Rumors creating reality and what happens when we spread them

    Yes I can see where it would be confusing! I wish it did help the public by not building close to them, but they don't seem to care. All of our lines are surrounded by houses in the cities. Most people don't realize that they are building in the potential impact radius if there is a explosion.
  10. MisplacedSooner

    Rumors creating reality and what happens when we spread them

    If anyone wants to see where natural gas or liquid gas lines are located in any state or county you can use this website. https://pvnpms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/ Select liquid or natural gas, then select the I for information up top and it will tell you the owner etc.
  11. MisplacedSooner

    Anyone stay at a resort with pool swim up hotel rooms?

    We stay at Destin West on Okaloosa Island/Destin, We get a 3 bedroom suite on the bay side ground floor. There is a lazy river right outside the balcony. If we want a beach day, walk across the sky bridge and then your right at the beach. Have been staying there for about 4 years.
  12. MisplacedSooner

    How many times a week does someone threaten to sue you?

    In the pipeline industry sometimes I think I spend more time with our lawyers then my own family.....Shit gets old real quick.
  13. MisplacedSooner

    Anyone delete their LML duramax? Get in here

    I installed a FASS titanium 165 and have been happy. I can now run my tune at the top now if I wanted to, I just keep it at two or three depending on if towing or not. Luckily I have a LMM and when my fuel pump gernaded on me I didn't have to drop the fuel tank or mess with the fuel rails. I've...
  14. MisplacedSooner

    It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

    I've stayed there before it changed names, its a real nice place. I lived in The Woodlands for about 4 years. I miss it!
  15. MisplacedSooner

    Need lift pump

    I went with a fass on my LMM. Fuel pump blew up on my way to the Black Hills pulling my RZR. Luckily since its a LMM motor, I didn't have to replace the fuel rail etc. I was running my tuner on level 3
  16. MisplacedSooner

    Well, today was the day...

    Sorry for your loss. After our dog passed away 4 years ago, I still don’t want another one yet because of his passing. It’s tough!! Stay strong!
  17. MisplacedSooner


    My local Kansas liquor store is having a hard time getting them. I drive four miles to Missouri and they always have it. Go figure.
  18. MisplacedSooner

    Drug Screen Presidential Candidates

    We just started testing a higher percentage due to PHMSA new requirements on DOT drug testing. The only people that are required are people involved in operator qualified tasks or people that operate our control room. As the operation manager I'm required to, but my boss who is a VP doesn't nor...