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  1. Old Texan

    NBA Season thread

    As you've seen in 1st half, they get in ruts without pace. Harden is off on his shot and just looks to drive and get fouled. This is what I hoped small ball would stop. Let Westbrook and Gordon get running. Diantoni has to force them to run and get Harden shooting 3's whether he hits them or...
  2. Old Texan

    What’s that Schmuckie?

    Should be fired from office at a minimum.....Getting Roberts to speak out is serious shit
  3. Old Texan

    Warren OUT

    Thank god she didn't have Steyer or Bloomberg money to put out more of the that holier than thou preaching style of hers.....Of them all she was the most repulsive speaker
  4. Old Texan

    Russia spent $1 billion to buy a US election

    Fortunately, substance still holds serve if we get voters out to the polls......
  5. Old Texan

    Ronnie Peterson F1

    I remember when Emerson Fitipalldi drove the JP car. They built a custom boat to match the car and it was awesome
  6. Old Texan

    NBA Season thread

    We need to cut down on TO's.......
  7. Old Texan

    Crazy Joe get Beto to Run Point on Gun Roundup

    The spotlight Beto needs to under is in a border field full of feral hogs......Let him duck and run 'till he's gone
  8. Old Texan

    TRUMP Rally.....

    Your brain??????? Voting for your brain?
  9. Old Texan

    NBA Season thread

    As I've mentioned a few times, no team was better than Wilt, West, Baylor and boys.....
  10. Old Texan

    What Happened to Sauce Daddy?

    Ah a Rod Serling looking dummy.......Part of "The Mt" CoC greeting staff
  11. Old Texan

    Klobuchar out

    Will Bloomie cash out or buy Biden in?
  12. Old Texan

    What Happened to Sauce Daddy?

    Two of the biggest out of context statements often repeated by the oracle and which he refuses to acknowledge as such. Trump said there are bad people. such as gang members and criminals coming across the border with non violent everyday hispanic citizens Never ddi he say they were all bad...
  13. Old Texan

    What Type of Elec Connection Is This

    The internet is your friend
  14. Old Texan

    NBA Season thread

    10-2 playing small ball. Westbrook carried them last night.
  15. Old Texan

    I could listen to Creepy Joe all day

    Saw a poll where D's were 50% on him beating Trump and 43% concerned on his alleged crimes......Hating Trump is all they care about
  16. Old Texan

    Steyer Out

    Did ya wet yourself during his commercials?:oops:🤔
  17. Old Texan

    NBA Season thread

    Saw on ESPN, Clips are 7-0 when top 8 scorers play.......
  18. Old Texan

    Hey Democrat’s does Sander’s scare you guys?

    Biff, you've brought your Mom's death up before. And a couple times denied it as an issue when I inquired about this tragic event. It's your business and I am sincerely sorry you and her, had to experience it. I think it stays with you and needs to be addressed seriously with counseling. Maybe...
  19. Old Texan

    Hey Democrat’s does Sander’s scare you guys?

    Powerful post......
  20. Old Texan

    Trump picks Ratcliffe for DNI

    Hopefully we can, "Get ready to RUMMMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!"