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  1. KingofBeers

    Yamaha jet ski parts

    62T short block.....$100Sold milled 701 head....$10Sold stock 760 head......$10 stock 62t cyl............$30 ported 64x cyl........$40 62t carbs/intake....$40Sold R&D intake..............$20Sold complete ignition box/stator, flywheel, kill switch. These should work with either 61x or 62t. I have...
  2. KingofBeers

    TH Marine transom spacers

    Brand new 2" spacers. $100 shipped
  3. KingofBeers

    Hill 15.25x34p cleaver

    Very little time on this wheel. Probably less than 5hrs. Changed gear ratio in lower and this is too much prop. $1900 shipped and insured to the lower 48.
  4. KingofBeers

    Timing reverse rotation engine

    I have a pair of chevy 305 in an early 80s Carver. The starboard is reverse rotation. The timing tab is in the standard location so everything is backwards. My question here is when using a digital advance timing light...can I still just dial in 8* and line up line on damper with large notch on...
  5. KingofBeers

    [WTS] Bravo 36p w/cut barrel

    Bought this new from BBlades and had barrel trimmed down to get rid of the flare. Have maybe 3 runs on it. No nicks, dings, or any damage at all. $600 obo shipped to lower 48
  6. KingofBeers

    Dog friendly Havasu hotel

    Will be popping my Havasu cherry in June and checking viable options for bringing the 80lb'r with us. Id ideally like to rent a house for the week if I can find one available. Will be in town for the June 22nd Outboard Church gathering. Are there any dog friendly hotels in the area that will...