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  1. WAAZ

    Candela 7 foiling electric boat

    Surfboats making Parker unbearable?? Maybe this is a solution - lol Pretty cool technology, actually.
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    Save the climate - Eat the babies

    A new level of bat-shit-crazy!
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    Wait ‘till one of these silently hits Parker

    Holy crap! 28 person capacity. 8000 lbs of dock smashing ballast. https://www.ridegigawave.com/?fbclid=IwAR1pBEk1O6Be_FPjKsv6zVps2K5CfsVyzqEkKCK7GWG8cSQeEopN5gkLCWI#intro
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    Finnegan gets a ‘21 Superjet

    Apologies for all the Superjet promos, but I’m pretty geeked-out on this thing.
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    All new Yamaha Superjet

  6. WAAZ

    Samantha Fish

    For the 40 and over crowd, this chic rocks! Give the vid a couple minutes to warm up.
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    Evinrude is out - Mercury in

    Interesting development. https://fishingtackleretailer.com/brp-discontinues-evinrude-outboard-engines-signs-agreement-with-mercury-marine/?fbclid=IwAR28mvXql0iBos7LtcPOHHVk3RBlF4w3Y0yTEkdHAcWpPa3BM7VgxDF8B6w
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    Someone’s last day at work.

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    FPC Poker Run coverage

    I case you haven’t seen it and are in need of some cool boating content.
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    How Corona kills you explained

    This vid is a bit lengthy, but has info I haven’t heard yet.
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    What could possibly go wrong - lol

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    Seattle boat show vs LA’s

    I go to the Mercury exhibit and ask the rep “what are the major differences between the XS and R line of outboards (I am thinking about re-powering my 21’ Cougar), Anyway, I get the deer in the headlights look from the guy. He finally says “I think the “R” is for racing, I don’t think it comes...
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    Overhaulin’ pranks the wrong guy.

    Starts at about 4:30
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    Ballpark $$ on A Howard 28’ SDS

    Anybody know a ballpark cost with decent power? I know, a very subjective question, but we’re talkin’ ballpark here
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    C/L Daytona

    seems like a lot of boat for the $$ https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/boa/d/beaverton-eliminator-daytona-twin/6884066843.html
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    I love my country.

  17. WAAZ

    O/B Church - the (real) early years.

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    Surfrat.tv is streaming the Parker races all day.

    That is all.....
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    Went shopping for a new BBQ .....

    Got side-tracked and this happened instead. Do any of you guys cook one a grill top? I'm doing the seasoning process now - any tips, tricks I need to know?
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    So, you think the US gov't is over-reaching?

    https://jalopnik.com/millions-of-people-in-china-were-barred-from-transporta-1833012115?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=jalopnik_copy&utm_campaign=top I don't know anything about the source - maybe it's bs idk.