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    Cash or Transfer?

    When selling a bigger ticket item say 90k. Is cash always king or would you have it wired over? I have a potential buyer for my 5th wheel and he asked if I’ll “Will you take cash”


    Going a different route as we bought this to desert camp in the winter and keep it at the river during the summer. Decided to buy a place in Parker now and do not need a trailer this size for the desert. Just detailed and roof treated. Trailer is currently in Parker and could be brought back to...

    Is Vin going? Rockabilly Reunion

    I will be rolling into town Friday morning and need to buy some $30 shirts and check on my storage unit. Thought about checking the show out. If not on my way to Parker I was going to stop by Sundance for the V-Drive show. So many choices!

    [WTS] (SOLD) 30” BGF’s on 15” Methods

    Came off a 2016 RZR XP4 1000 5 - 30”x9.50R15LT BFG All Terrains mounted on Methods. The tires have 1200 miles on them 85% of that on the streets. These tires all hold air and have never been plugged, patched or filled with slime. There are no chunks or slashes in them. The spare tire has never...

    [WTB] WTB 460 Dry Stacks

    Looking for a pair of used headers for a big block 460 Ford.

    NRA support

    I have been a year to year member. But with the current situation I just signed up to be a life time member and donated to the cause. Every little bit helps when there are millions of us. God Bless America

    River Lodge Resort for the summer

    We were planning on keeping our 44 foot fifth wheel at the river this year. We will be staying May 1 to October 1 and would like to be on the California side as we have family that have homes on that side of the river. We really liked Sundance Resort but they are booked. And these two meet out...

    Parker Turkey Day event’s

    Besides the Outlaw deal in front of Sundance on Saturday. Is there a race going on?

    [WTB] WTB Angled Valve Covers

    Before I order them from Teague I thought I would ask here first. Looking for a set of polished angled BBC valve covers with tall breathers.
  10. BIG MIKE

    19’ or 20’ 1500

    By chance do you have any old new inventory? Looking for a 1500 crew cab, cloth seats with towing package and posi. White, Red or maybe a Grey. Trying to match the boat.
  11. BIG MIKE

    Dixxon/Teague button up shirt

    I wear alot of Dixxon shirts and flannels and they are great quality. Seems cool they have teamed up with Teague. They have also teamed up with Clay Smith in the past. Their inventory is limited and sells out fast.
  12. BIG MIKE

    New Rzr

    So I am in a position to purchase a new RZR cash as every RDP member says you should or do not buy one at all. I would like to have on for the first week of December as we are going out for my wife’s bday. So my question is do I order a 2021 Pro4 now or wait until after and see what prices...
  13. BIG MIKE

    Boat stereo upgrade

    Looking for a reputable stereo shop in SoCal to upgrade the system in my day cruiser. Want to go with a Bluetooth head unit four 8” speakers and maybe a couple subs and an amp. All I have near me in Upland is Transonic.
  14. BIG MIKE

    5th wheel hitch - F**k ETrailer.com

    Looking for a 5th wheel after etrailer.com promised they would have it delivered today and now it is on back order. 2020 Ford Super Duty long bed with factory puck set up rated for 24k or more. I tried Arrow trailer supply no luck. We are leaving for Havasu with the new truck and trailer...
  15. BIG MIKE

    2 FREE golf carts *Rough*

    Red one has everything intact and the yellow one is gutted. Located in Rancho Cucamonga
  16. BIG MIKE

    Block and concrete guy(Upland)

    I have a 40’ block wall that I want to tear down and replace it with a new wall just angled in towards the back yard. This will widen my drive way then tear up drive way and re pour new drive way.
  17. BIG MIKE

    Whitefish Lake, MT

    Family has a house in Whitefish on the lake. We have been coming up here for years. A week in the summer and a week for X-mas. We flew into Kalisbell yesreday. We are on the water today.
  18. BIG MIKE

    Most head and leg room In a UTV

    Which four seat UTV will offer the most head and leg room in the drivers seat? I am purchasing a new toy hauler and also a new or used UTV. The first thing I will need to look at is can I fit at 6’7 and 350lbs. Then I will have to worry about turbo or non turbo etc. I figure I will need to fab...
  19. BIG MIKE

    Perfect Arrowhead boat

    So my BIL just purchased a second home in Arrowhead with lake access and a dock. He would like a boat that has enough room to take friends on and entertain. And he also has three kids 5 to 10 who will no doubt be into water sports. So he wants the room of a deck boat and the capabilities to...