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  1. ATKpilot

    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    What's the latest consensus, buy a new Toy Hauler now or wait for the Covid deals that will inevitably come? So many people bought during Covid inventory is non existent and I'll have to wait 3 months which isn't too bad. The other thought is I wait for the deals that might happen in two years...
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    Emotional Support Dog

  3. ATKpilot

    Abusing privilege of air marshals on flights no suprise here

    They don't want us armed but they sure want armed protection for themselves: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/maxine-waters-lawmakers-accused-abusing-privilege-air-marshals
  4. ATKpilot

    Chariman Jao Xiden says "I'm working on it man...give me 5 more days

    Meanwhile this happens: https://www.foxnews.com/us/houston-police-find-more-than-90-people-human-trafficking
  5. ATKpilot

    Rush Limbaugh

    Just announced by Rush Limbaugh's wife on the radio that Rush passed away this morning....I have been listening to him since I was a kid
  6. ATKpilot

    Cunningham just conceded BOOM!

    Cunningham just conceded to Tillis so one up for Republican senate! ... Cunningham says, “I just called Senator Tillis to congratulate him on winning re-election to a second term in the U.S. Senate and wished him and his family the best in their continued service in the months and years ahead...
  7. ATKpilot

    Competitive trailer chrome rims -caps

    Hi all, does anyone have a spare one of these rims and caps that came on Competitve trailers (i'm sure many others too) back in the day? This is my trailer with the originals but I need a spare. If someone has one including the cap and want to sell it please let me know. They are 14x6 with...
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    We need these trucks everywhere

  9. ATKpilot

    Black Portland Police Officer

  10. ATKpilot

    Chrome rim with cap

    Hi All, I am in search of a spare rim for my trailer. I have a Competitive trailer (see pics of my trailer), but these came on a lot of trailers back in the day. The rims are 14" 5 lug on 4.5 pattern. I want one for a matching spare Let me know if you have a really clean rim with hub cap and...
  11. ATKpilot

    Thought I better introduce myself

    Hi All, after being a lurker for a long time on here and recently starting to post more I realized that I never introduced myself. I actually see a some people on here from the old Hot Boat days. I mainly lurk and find the humor very entertaining. I have also learned a lot, lot of very...
  12. ATKpilot

    Replacement for Valvoline SAE 30 VR1 Racing

    Hi all, I am hoping for an oil recommendation to replace Valvoline 30W VR1 Racing. I have been using this oil since I built my engine and really don't want to change, however Kommiefornia in all their brilliance have banned this oil:rolleyes. I even tried buying it off Amazon and couldn't do...
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    OK, who is ready to be the first to order? Along comes the RompHim. I am assuming you must have a man bun or equivalent to wear this. What is even more amazing is they have a kickstarter that has reached 25K already:(...
  14. ATKpilot

    When you need a good laugh watch this

  15. ATKpilot

    GrubHub's Maloney - another member of the tolerant peaceful party

    Unlike the lefties, I am not much for boycotting and forcing companies out of business just because I don't agree with something they said. However I believe that this company should be trashed. I mean like a scorched earth, if you are going to treat people like that just because of who they...
  16. ATKpilot

    United States Presidents sleeping together

    Early morning of November 8th Hillary Clinton says to Bill: - Listen darling, tonight two United States Presidents will be sleeping together. Later that same night Bill asks Hillary - Will Trump come to me or I have to go to his place?
  17. ATKpilot

    Bill Clinton gave this speech in 1996, but now Trump is the racist??

    1995/1996 https://youtu.be/N5PK-SK0h9o
  18. ATKpilot

    well here we go

    Breaking news: rioting and vandalizing in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco tonight. The dems need to do themselves a huge favor and unhitch that liberal wagon that is destroying the party
  19. ATKpilot

    Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention

    Well isn't that a giant kick in the balls. This hag just cannot help herself from being a lawless sociopath. My mother in law came here from Mexico legally back in the day it was a tough road back then. Damn this biatch pisses me off, I can't even look at her...
  20. ATKpilot

    Hillary KFC Special

    Can someone in Cleveland PLEASE get one of these for me:D