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  1. Rvrluvr

    I mean Gawd Dammit this looks fun

  2. Rvrluvr

    Time for a new bank

    I moved to TX. No US bank branches. Its a pain in the ass. I cant deposit $$ anywhere without massive fees or holds. Checks are too large to do deposits over the app. Been a long time with em but they gotta go Not a fan of BofA Not sure about all these “local” banks. They have charges up...
  3. Rvrluvr

    So here I am in my new home town &.....

    Im driving thru downtown to see whats here. This is outfront of the school. Lol Im not in CA anymore 👍👍. God Bless America
  4. Rvrluvr


    Big thumbs up to this Sheriff!!!
  5. Rvrluvr

    Im outta here!!!

    50 years, I’m done!!! Goodbye California. Im taking my small business to another state. We leave at 6 am tomorrow morning.
  6. Rvrluvr

    Am I the only one

    Not sure how it works but the have not picked a VP for Biden. Am I the only one that thinks it will be pelosi? They will get biden to step down because he is coo coo for coco puffs & she becomes president. Is this possible? Im moving to Mexico
  7. Rvrluvr


    Im trying to buy simple LED light bulbs. Not in CA. Wtf? Are they too energy efficient ? 😏
  8. Rvrluvr

    Bullhead PSA

    Just in time for the weekend 😏https://www.vvng.com/bullhead-city-az-to-close-beaches-on-weekends-through-september-amid-covid-19/
  9. Rvrluvr

    You idiots with your SxS’s

    Are doing it wrong THIS is how you get to the desert 😱😳. Kind of impressed to be honest 👍
  10. Rvrluvr

    This fake too?

    Hope not
  11. Rvrluvr

    Interesting #2

  12. Rvrluvr

    Very interesting

    Try it a couple times to really understand it. WTF?!!!
  13. Rvrluvr

    Little bored today soooo

    I decided to have fun with some of the facebook girls that private message me. You know. The ones who dont have much of a profile but wanna talk. 😎😎. I have a dump truck page that i allow all friend requests. Lol
  14. Rvrluvr

    Well its official

    My baby boy is now an employee of Upland PD He started as an explorer, now he is a paid cadet. He’s almost 19 and when he turns 21 he’s hoping to put on the badge. Little mixed feelings with all the bullshit but I could not be more proud!!!
  15. Rvrluvr


    Play porn music 🤠 Lol.....try it....good times
  16. Rvrluvr

    Stupid question

    Whats the difference between pipe & tubing? Im looking to make my own jeep steps, bumpers, etc. kid wants to make minibike frames to sell. We are in the market for a good bender. In shopping some say pipe, some say tubing. Im confused 😪 HELP. LOL any bender recommendations?
  17. Rvrluvr

    Live CV toll count

  18. Rvrluvr

    Since we are on lockdown

  19. Rvrluvr

    Love these videos 😂

  20. Rvrluvr

    Half time show....WTF!!!!!

    Im goin for ice cream!