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  1. skiracr

    Aaron Lewis Fans - New Song

    My wife and I are huge Aaron Lewis fans..his music is amazing This is his newest creation, so new it doesn't have a name yet and was performed live. I'm pretty sure 99% of the crowd here will enjoy it... I love it...
  2. skiracr

    Mail from the White House... So stoked!!!

    So my wife found out about this through a friend and I am so stoked that this happened during President Trump's time in office. Not every president does this, and is the decision of the President to fill this role for his administration. As this requires a couple more full time positions for the...
  3. skiracr

    All is good

    When you think the world is going to shit. Remember, family! All is good. Our 2.5 yr old with our 5 month old
  4. skiracr

    Debate drinking game tonight!!!

    You're welcome! Our group will be playing along!
  5. skiracr

    PSA... Ortega HWY CLOSED - Brush Fire

    Brush Fire Burning off the Ortega HWY near the Nichols Institute. Ortega is shut down. Plan a different way home!!!
  6. skiracr

    What are you listening to on America's birthday?

    Patriotic Country on Pandora for us. 4th of July! kid rock, Ray Charles, Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith, Eric church, Alan Jackson, and many others. Doesn't get more patriotic than that!
  7. skiracr

    Trump speaking at Mt Rushmore

    Live on YouTube! If you're not watching, watch the replay. Wow. It is unbelievingly patriotic. This man truly loves his country. He has opened the can of patriotic whoop ass and the haters are in his cross hairs. I didn't know it was on so I will be replaying the beginning
  8. skiracr

    Happy 4th to you, Old Glory...Happy Birthday!

    I Am Old Glory by Howard Schnauber I am the flag of the United States of America. I fly atop the world's tallest buildings. I stand watch in America's halls of justice. I stand side by side with the Maple Leaf on the worlds' longest undefended border. I fly majestically over institutions of...
  9. skiracr

    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    Officially Unofficial of course: July 25th 2020 8:30 at the starting line with a 9:00 start. Run what you brung, ski how you want, come out for a great time. Bench racing, stories, lies, and you shoulda been there’s, happening after the “fun” run at the ramp parking lot. My crew, Team 222...
  10. skiracr

    ***WARNING*** Orange County Protest Locations tonight and tomorrow

    For all you Orange County people or friends of... A lot of protests are scheduled and happenening in the OC tonight and tomorrow night. I got some inside intel and wanted to share, pretty reliable. Some of these spots are exploding with social media and getting shared around. Stay away and be...
  11. skiracr

    Just a boy and his dog

    Our 2yr old, with our 10yr old Great Dane! That's all, carry on 😃
  12. skiracr

    Fortnite... Not the video game!

    So our little guy is almost two and decided it was time for a Fort night! Didn't want to get too crazy with the first one but he was all about it! Took the four chairs from the table, blanket and pillows and boom! Little fort for us. My son went in and said book, so we got a couple books and...
  13. skiracr

    RDP Express needed, Orange County to Havasu

    Looking for someone headed out to Havasu this weekend or early next week. I need to get River Dave his Ez Up. I will happily throw down gas money and a case of beer to get it there. I live in Fullerton off the 57, work in Irvine. Let me know if you can help! Thank you, Brian 714-292-3230
  14. skiracr

    OFFICIAL World Water Ski Racing Championships!!!

    September 7th - 15th in Vichy, France The time has come for Team USA to travel to France to compete in the 2019 World Water Ski Racing Championships!!! River Dave and Team RDP have been gracious enough to support our team efforts in getting to France to compete at the World level. We will...
  15. skiracr

    Support the Official RDP Water Ski Racing Team!!!

    We are taking RDP to Vichy, France! :cool: For those of you that don't know me my name is Brian Samaniego and I absolutely love Water Ski Racing! I have earned a great honor to represent Team USA along with some fellow Ski Racers to compete in Vichy, France this September for the 2019 WORLD...
  16. skiracr

    When your parents are cooler than you...

    My parents are in there early 60's and still love to go out and have fun. Last night they went to a "rock" themed party. My mom dressed up like Cyndi Lauper and my dad just a rocker. I think they nailed it. My wife helped with the make up. Their Lyft driver got a kick out of then too.
  17. skiracr

    Just got fired on Christmas eve...

    From wrapping presents;) I was wrapping a gift for our 8 month old son and my wife fired me from wrapping anymore presents... I don't see the problem :D:p Merry Christmas!!!:cool:
  18. skiracr

    Milling bit or what is it???

    This thing has been floating around for probably 12+ years. I'm guessing it's a milling bit....but for what? If not a milling bit what is it... Anyway, it's brand new and still has the rubber protection dealio on it. Is this useful or worth anything to anyone on here? Right now it's just a...
  19. skiracr

    99 bottles of wine on the wall...

    We got some drinking to do! Momma loves her wineries (i like them too). Bottom two cells are Wiens Temecula, middle Ponte Temecula, top is champagne, the other is our "everyday" wines! Sent from my E6782 using Tapatalk
  20. skiracr

    Monster Glo 2 speaker - bad ass!

    Sam's club on sale right now for 89.00. Blue tooth speaker and lantern! 100' working radius and can link up to seven more together. We got one, along with some of our friends. They work great. At night you can set a color or go through the light show. Sent from my E6782 using Tapatalk