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  1. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Glenwood marine ?

    Anybody know what's up, I call but just keep getting answer machine
  2. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    PVHCA sighting

    Nice to meet you Phil. I was hanging out at Marks table with Rick at the Heights
  3. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Hanging with 5oclocksomewhere

    Had a good time partying and hanging out with his group.i am just feeling a little hung over this morning. C ya guy next time
  4. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Looking for Tom Bentley phone #

    Like title says. I need to get a prop out to him.
  5. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Next weekend

    I will be out Thursday till Monday afternoon. I am on pine off evergreen. Pink house.Stop buy and have cold one or see on the beach
  6. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    The Jerm getting ejected out of CJ460

    Jerm getting ejected out of CJ 460 boat at Puddingstone last Sunday.Watch around the 6min mark
  7. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Thinking of selling the cruiser????

    Took the wife out to dinner tonight and started talking about putting the cruiser up for sell.If I do this I would not be leaving the boat scene just down sizing and and maybe getting a smaller boat or maybe two of them.She wants a small family jet boat and I want a flatty:D.Where my place is on...
  8. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Hyundai Hook Ups!

    I am looking to buy my wife a new car and she really likes the Sonata.Does anybody have a hook up on these?
  9. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    toms gasser

  10. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Took The Wagon out for a put yesterday

    I stopped and filled up the wagon with 10 gal of gas and drove to my grand parents for Xmas eve.I live in Rancho and they live in Los Alamitos.50 miles each way and stopped at a buddies house on the way home.Just went to fill it up again and it took 10 gal of gas again.Give or take a few miles...
  11. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Looking for marine grade carpet in the IE

    Where to buy marine grade carpet in the IE. I am looking for blue.I would like to buy and pick it up at the same time.8x10 piece.Thanks Tom
  12. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Legends car show

    if you have nothing to do and want to get out of the house.Getting ready to head over.Carnelian and Baseline,Rancho Cucomunga.Goes till 8pm.I will be in my beater car.Stop bye and say hi.Tom
  13. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Del Taco

    Just went and picked up some tacos for the kids and I.I bought 15 tacos and a large cup of fries for 8 bucks.Thats a deal.I cant even feed my kids at home for that.Thanks Del Taco for keeping your prices at a bargain in this economy.:thumbsup:thumbsup
  14. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    hey ROC

    Heading down to see you (or your restaurant).Be there in a couple of hours.:D
  15. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    All Star Race (nascar)

    That was the most BORING all star race I have ever watched!:grumble:
  16. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    2000 Cheetah Deck Boat

    It is a 2000 Cheetah Deck Boat. 131 hrs, 454 motor, Sony CD player, 3/4 Bimini Top, Full Cover. Very Clean, serviced and ready for summer. $25,000 obo Call Jason (909)931-0696 This deck boat is not mine.It is a good friend of mine.It is very clean and always been garaged.Nice...
  17. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Calgo ????

    It is river time and no luck finding my Morse e68064-180 cable.So my ? is you people that run Calgo how often do you have to maintain and tighten up the cables?Is this system pretty maintenance free?.I am still pondering the power steering deal that Racey offers but it is dipping into my river...
  18. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    1980 seaswirl PARTS

    For sale or buy for parts.It is my neibors boat contact him.Bud Ieyrly (323)228-5546
  19. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    Morse dual control steering????

    I have a Morse dual cable steering on my boat.When I took the boat out today I noticed the steering wheel moved like it was making a left turn but the boat went straight.Is it possible I broke a cable?The boat steal turns fine but I want to correct this issue.I dont want to lose the steering and...
  20. 74 HOWARD 21RC

    project 64 nova gasser

    The start.Long ways to go but going to fab a new straight axle for it.