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  1. DLow

    Dr Biden world tour- sure knows how to work a crowd

    You have no idea how much it pisses me off to read this. Hope he is truly healthy again.
  2. DLow

    Luv a Happy Ending

    I just showed this to my 10 and 12 year old boys. We were laughing!!! Don’t run from the cops, boys.
  3. DLow

    Thompson bay accident

    Yes, I keep a throw bag in every boat, as well as a throwable with attached rope, both within driver’s seat reach. I teach throwbag techniques for our swift water and FEMA teams and they can be amazingly consistent and accurate where a cushion is a lot like a frisbee… difficult to repeat. Sad...
  4. DLow

    Anyone following this Chelsea Wolfe crap?

    I was thinking more… Super modified
  5. DLow

    Police Chase

    Quattro for the win!
  6. DLow

    Windows 11?

    I always thought Mac was for people that worked on their computer, not worked ON their computer.
  7. DLow

    Vaccine myocarditis in kids

    mRNA absolutely has its place in medicine. Yours is a prime example. This mRNA vaccine program is not medicine. It is a global science/human behavior experiment.
  8. DLow

    Transit van ??????

    I have a ‘16 Transit 350 with the Ecoboost. That thing will idle all day long in PHX heat pumping out cold A/C with zero issues.
  9. DLow

    Ahhhh, Florida.

    FL. Be there tomorrow for a 2 week trip. Can’t wait!
  10. DLow

    math does'nt lie!!!

    Nope. Dr Fauci says it’s COVID that is racist.
  11. DLow

    Auto/Home insurance in PHX

    My Farmers agent has officially pissed me off for the last time. I’m looking for an agent that can give me some quotes, quickly. I’ve been dealing with this guy for 20 years and his son has taken over in the last year. No more. 5 vehicles and a house. Anyone have a recommendation? Farmers itself...
  12. DLow


    I have also done both. So incredibly humbling. Our freedoms are not free.
  13. DLow

    The AZ RINO Thread

    Ha! If I ever run for an office, you’ll be at the top of my list for campaign manager! Not retired. Got kids to raise and eventually pay for college. Then... I’m going to enjoy the crap out of the pension system you loath! 😂
  14. DLow

    The AZ RINO Thread

    I know a few members of the Udall family and they will be hearing from me, as well as I’ll be making some phone calls and emails to her. I just happen to live in her district. FUUUUUUUCK her! Heres the problem... we need some actual Conservatives to run for office, not just these whack jobs...
  15. DLow

    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    This won’t help you now, but I had tremendous back pain... 8-9 mm bulging L4-S1. Pain from Butt to foot. The thought of sitting hurt. Did 6 injections, PT, needling, blah blah blah. I have continued to do core strength and changed my lifestyle. I now run 2-5 miles very single day. Time...
  16. DLow

    F26 / Mach 26

    I spent quite a bit of time in that boat with Tony. You’ve done some nice upgrades.
  17. DLow

    Vaccine myocarditis in kids

    https://www.foxnews.com/health/cdc-investigating-mild-reports-of-potential-heart-problems-following-covid-19-vaccination.amp Let’s go get our kids vaccinated with an experimental mRNA vaccine that has no repercussions to the vaccine manufacturers. Hmmmm, sounds like a great idea. Sad for the...
  18. DLow

    Whacker Owners . . .

    I check my nuts before every use, but thanks for the reminder!
  19. DLow

    The Scam Lives On

    The “effectiveness” of the vaccine just skyrocketed due to the CDC moving the goal posts to where they need them. Keep the money train alive at all costs!!!