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    Question for Lake Mead peeps....

    Heading out to Mead in 2 weeks and know the water is low this year...so in terms of condition of the ramp, parking, and wait times, etc, what is the best bet? - Hemenway - Boulder Harbor - Calville Bay Thx, appreciate any info.
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    650 HP on 4 cylinders?

    Thats a lot of HP, and not many cylinders... https://www.startengine.com/alfadan?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&fbclid=IwAR0p-XKbXfk6S6DlkooOYXpHLhgkiZvftBV7nctp7b1ZuQgfQmHoIjVyAvY
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    Bill Ackman's advice for beating the virus and saving the economy...

    Some of you may have caught this on CNBC today... I'm not an economist or an infectious disease specialist, so I don't have an opinion on his opinion...but it is something to think about. The interview starts off sounding like its going very negative, but if you stick with it offers hope and a...
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    making a case for a street legal buggy...

    people always ask, why would you want a street legal buggy? Well.....there's this:
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    With a name like Dong Fang...it's got to be good!

    With the winter off-road season upon us, I thought someone might be looking for a bargain ride. https://worcester.craigslist.org/snw/d/northbridge-2012-dongfang-df150gkb-go/7034364291.html To the guys credit, his write-up is actually better than a lot of toys I see advertised. He even...
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    don't try this with an I/O.....

    don't look at it as "losing a swim platform"....see it as "gaining bar stools" !
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    hey Shasta locals.....

    Planning a trip to Shasta the first week of September (after Labor Day.) Looking at places to stay and found a couple of nice Air BnB's on the outskirts of Shasta Lake (town or village?). Looks like that is fairly close to Centimudi Boat Launch. What can you tell me about Centimudi Boat...
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    help removing factory decals on a 300xs

    First off it was great seeing all of the boats at the Church gathering at Pirates last Saturday. Would have been nice to talk with more people, but it was a great get together for sure. Looking forward to next year! I'd like to remove the original factory cowls decals on my 300xs, and replace...
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    Best place to launch in Needles on a Saturday?

    just had a last minute change of plans.... What’s the best place to launch in Needles on a windy Saturday?
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    overnight at Havasu Marina

    Anyone have trouble leaving their boat overnight at Havasu Marina this season? Read something about people missing stuff out of their boat (on FB) but hopefully it was an isolated incident.
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    need trailer repair in Havasu asap...

    Need to get in on short notice. Has anyone used Brandon’s Auto RV & Marine? Other suggestions? If you have anything negative to say about Brandons, please DO NOT POST and send me a PM. Thx!
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    looking for used trophy prop for testing

    Looking for used Trophy plus 24p prop for testing in Havasu next weekend. (purchase or borrow) They're basically a bass boat prop, so not plentiful like Bravo's. Anyone in town I should check with? Anyone have one to sell? Thx.
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    the best damn stern light on ebay !

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/BOATER-SPORTS-MARINE-STERN-LIGHT-BASE-SOCKET-LOW-PROFILE-BLACK-/382124476617?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 85,000+ reviews...i think this guy knows a little about marketing!
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    WTB - Trophy or Trophy Plus 24P prop

    WTB - Trophy or Trophy Plus 24P prop Need one soon, let me know if you have one and can ship this week or I can pick-up in Havasu next week. Thanks!
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    looking for Opitmax guru in Norcal

    Need a recommendation for service on a 300xs I'm buying. It's a 2012 and only has 110 hours, but I want to get the air and fuel injector system cleaned and up to par before I start running it. Have to assume some deposits and/or corrosion on the injectors from all the sitting, and spoke with...
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    throttle control rehab question

    I believe the controls shown in the attached photo are Gaffrig? Q - Can the mounting plate with the peeling powder coat be replaced? Or do you have to replace the entire control assembly? I went to the Gaffrig website and they show a "bezel" (per attached photo in blue)...but not a mounting...
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    Anyone need Desert Storm accommodations 4/26 & 4/27?

    I pre-paid for a 2 BR suite in a nice home on the golf course, includes use of kitchen and pool. Unfortunately it looks like I am not going to make it to DS due to a family emergency. All-in rate for 2 people is $75/nt = $150 for both nights. $25 extra cleaning charge if you use the second...
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    Attn: Nordic Rage owners

    Any Rage owners going to be in Havasu Desert Storm weekend? Especially someone with a MCOB? Long story short, I'll by lunch, gas, drinks, etc for a 10 minute test ride. Or if you are not launching that weekend, I'd even settle for a "test sit". I have option to purchase a Rage all in the way...
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    [WTB] 24'-26' WTOB or MCOB V-Hull (cash buyer)

    Older, experienced, cash buyer looking for a 24'-26' WTOB or MCOB V-Hull...including all of the usual suspects. Nordic Rage Shockwave Tremor Lavey NuEra 24' & 26' Cobra 260 Hallett 240 etc, etc.... Prefer timeless graphics and stock power (496HO) but open to other options. Distance doesn't...
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    Hi Line Motorports in Apple Valley ??

    Anyone deal with Hi Line Motorports in Apple Valley? I haven't heard anything either way and can't find anything with search. PLEASE - If you're experience wasn't positive, please PM rather than post in this thread. This is def not a call-out thread, just looking for first hand feedback...