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  1. J&k x-flight

    Interesting video..

    Feel free to move if it's in wrong section. Or a VIN..(I didn't see i posted)
  2. J&k x-flight

    2014 GMC SIERRA 2500 4X4

    Its sold. Thanks
  3. J&k x-flight

    2007 chevy tahoe ltz

    Going to put this out here before list on auto trader. its the loaded model for this year non smoker 5.3 v8 motor 2 wheel drive sunroof remote start(extra key fobs) back-up camera auto level heated seats front and 2nd row rear a/c 6 captains chairs 20in aftermarket wheels magna flow full...
  4. J&k x-flight

    Ride share

    So we use Lyft n Uber lots when boozing.. Is this a new scam drivers are doing.. Its shows driver on his way. Then it starts to count down the 5 mins showing driver is here. But no driver call them they dont answer call again hangs up on you. Then hits you the $5fee for not being there.. driver...
  5. J&k x-flight

    boat tax bill

    A few questions.. so the my lady gets a tax bill from cdtfa saying taxes is owed on old boat.. it was done coast guard documented and bought in AZ and never left there till is was sold to new owner from cali.. the boat was registered in both our names(she is cali resident) and i have been a AZ...
  6. J&k x-flight

    2016 polaris 900 4 seater

    ..............PRICE LOWERED...... This was bought new and one owner. free and clear az title. has partial street plate.. Has all updates done and regular service done. Has around 500 miles.(i have to check) It does have some chips scratches bumps etc.. its used not new.. Polaris front lower...
  7. J&k x-flight

    Solicitor by tex message

    Anyone else get these.. asking to buy property saying.... investor... pay top dollar... realtor.... etc.... im now starting to respond and letting these ass clowns know how I feel about them sending a tex to a number they have no idea who it is... if anyone knows of someone doing this or does...
  8. J&k x-flight

    [WTB] truck...

    looking for a pickup truck for my kid(20) budget is under 7k.. prefer full size with lower miles.. don't do social media so if any inmates have anything or know of one let me know. thanks again..