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  1. WAAZ

    Recently retired and moving to arizona

    Congrats on the retirement. What area in WA are you from?
  2. WAAZ

    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    Dad, somewhere in the South Pacific.
  3. WAAZ

    "Bring The Thunder" Your Top YouTube Shows

    I’ve been down the YouTube rabbit hole for a couple years now. It’s probably 80% of what I watch. I’ve had yt premium ($13/month) for 6 months now and can never go back to the free version. You’re right about the video/editing quality. Some channels are are really dialed in and do a great job. I...
  4. WAAZ

    Mag Dump

    D/O has some pretty sobering content.
  5. WAAZ

    What are you listening to, right now?

    Bitchin’ song! Lead singer reminds me of Carl with some serious anger issues.
  6. WAAZ

    I hope I don't get banned for this.

    What kind of oil ya runnin’?
  7. WAAZ

    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    I do too, but would love to hear a reason - getting popcorn
  8. WAAZ

    Holy F*ck the Mercury 600's are huge!

    The big girls need love too!
  9. WAAZ

    Six new Liberators are ready for delivery

    I think Randy posted a vid of a 21’/450 running upper teen’s.
  10. WAAZ

    Caption this...

    Oh, shit! I left a bumper out......
  11. WAAZ

    16 and up eligible for vaccinations in AZ beginning Wednesday 3/24

    High-fructose corn syrup will/has probably done more damage to American’s health than the shot will ever do - imho.
  12. WAAZ

    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Helping repair a 787 that got tangled up with the tug (broken towbar).
  13. WAAZ

    Trader Joes

    “That’s assault, that’s assault” Throat punch that little bitch. There’s your assault mf’r
  14. WAAZ

    Masks are dangerous!

    Has anyone had a cold in the last year?
  15. WAAZ

    Saturday nightshift entertainment

    Things that make you go hmmmm.
  16. WAAZ

    Do remember your old telephone code?

    My grandma’s was Atwater 4-8997 - Seattle
  17. WAAZ

    Alternatives to Google Chrome Browser and Google Search - good options

    After watching “The Social Dilemma” I switched to Qwant and have been happy with it.
  18. WAAZ

    Candela 7 foiling electric boat

    Surfboats making Parker unbearable?? Maybe this is a solution - lol Pretty cool technology, actually.
  19. WAAZ

    Kitchen remodel 99% done

    What brand/model is the micro?