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  1. MisplacedSooner

    Netflix- Sweet Tooth

    I was skeptical but gave it a chance, can’t wait for season two. Kind of eerie with what we have gone through.
  2. MisplacedSooner

    Shakedown ride before Black Hills trip

    Drove some backroads today, about 100 miles total, beautiful day today. Needed to put on some more miles before I take it in to get serviced before our South Dakota trip next week. Heading there next Wednesday.
  3. MisplacedSooner

    Netflix- The Repair Shop

    Just finished season 2, anyone else watching this? Pretty talented people fixing old things.
  4. MisplacedSooner

    Destin FL Fishing

    Such a fun 6 hour offshore trip. Biggest Red Snapper I’ve ever caught, limited out on amber jacks and caught quite a few vermillion snappers and trolled on the way back in and caught a few Bonita’s. Awesome guide service to boot.
  5. MisplacedSooner

    La Jolla/ San Diego Trip Recommendations

    Flying out August 26th from KC and flying home the 29th for a conference at the Hyatt Regency @ Aventine. I do plan on visiting the Midway as that was an option for a outing but other then that nothing planned. Any food or site recommendations/must sees? First time to step foot in California. Thanks
  6. MisplacedSooner

    This article blows........

  7. MisplacedSooner

    Netflix- The Umbrella Academy

    Loving this new show so far, on season one episode three.
  8. MisplacedSooner

    Tips from a Shipwright (youtube)

    Does anyone else watch this guys channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPa3pmqKwApysaYi7B7Nlg
  9. MisplacedSooner

    Atlanta Traffic Question

    Left Kansas City yesterday for Orlando and made it to Paducah KY. Question for those that know Atlanta, would it be quicker for me to bypass 75 and take the 285 loop to get out of downtown ATL? Thanks
  10. MisplacedSooner

    Gulf Shore Alabama Vacation

    14 hour drive from Kansas, week long vacation, 7 year old and 2 year old, I want 2 days of golf, beach front. Nice hotel/condo, any suggestions? Thanks
  11. MisplacedSooner

    Favorite Songs to Rock on July 4th....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruNrdmjcNTc Thanks to all the current and former military service members..Happy 4th of July and thanks for your service..
  12. MisplacedSooner

    Am I gonna get a beatdown by Vin on this video?

    Hmmmm?:eek:skull:rolleyes:drink:yikes:point:hmm Heard this on a local radio station....Interesting..
  13. MisplacedSooner

    NHRA Topeka..

    Long shot but any RDP members going to be there? I plan on going Sunday for the finals and will take alot of pictures.
  14. MisplacedSooner

    RDP Hunting get together??

    Anyone interested? Texas Geese and Sandhill Crane hunt? Arkansas Waterfowl Hunt or any state? Black Bear Hunt? Deer Hunt? Javelina Hunt? Elk/Mule? Upland Game Hunt? Nebraska/South Dakota Pheasant Hunt? I would figure only a few could make this happen but I have been...
  15. MisplacedSooner

    Spring Turkey Season is Coming Up....

    Who all is going and what species do you get to hunt? Im in far east Kansas so we have easterns but I have been fortunate to shoot rio grande (oklahoma) Eastern (KS), Merriam (Washington St).I still plan on making a trip to FL to get my Osceola.What gun and gear do you guys use?I have a used and...
  16. MisplacedSooner

    Hey Punxsutawney Phil!!

    You suck you fat ass rodent..Over the last week we have received over 10 inches of snow in freaking Kansas City..Tomorrow night thru tuesday we are expecting anywhere from 8 to 16 inches with blizzard conditions. Your weather forecasting skills are about as good as our local weather hacks..Sick...
  17. MisplacedSooner

    How many kids knocked on your door tonight?

    My wife bought six boxes (54) count of rice krispies and I passed them all out in under two hours...so 12 beers and 324 Rice krispies later im calling it a night...
  18. MisplacedSooner

    How the hell do u guys deal with the heat out there?

    To friggin hot to do anything..except drink..
  19. MisplacedSooner

    A few fireworks picutres

    We went to a town last night since they canceled ours tonight due to the heat and drought conditions. I was just messing around with the camera trying to learn things....