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  1. LakeMead Boater

    2017 GMC Canyon SLE- 4 Door, 6' Bed: $23,750

    2017 GMC Canyon SLE, 4 Door, 6' Bed, 2WD. White exterior with black, cloth interior. Large infotainment screen, XM ready. V6 with approx. 38,000 miles. Recently serviced and aligned. 2 tires in good condition and 2 in great condition, but can swap out if you like for my cost. Cons: 2 dents in...
  2. LakeMead Boater

    This Summer

    I don't know if it's just me, but I think a lot of others will agree there has been a lot of bitching lately in here. To me, the best part about summer months was not only boating, but seeing everyone else's adventure's. Whether it was Havasu, Mead, Powell, or even the annual RV trip, it was...
  3. LakeMead Boater

    RDP Sighting- 405 South

    Great choice in boats, sorry for the blurry pic
  4. LakeMead Boater

    Ford Ecoboost- Long Term Reliability

    Okay, so I know there’s a lot of talk about these trucks in different scenarios on this forum. However, I’m looking for some real world experience on the long term reliability of the F150 with the ecoboost. I drive 30-35k a year and am looking at a late model truck with around 60k on it. This...
  5. LakeMead Boater

    Hallett 340T

    What the hell, might as well add a little boating content. This is my dad's boat and I'm lucky enough to ride in it, buy ice for the beer, and sometimes drive it. :D Year: 1998 Make: Hallett Model: 340 Length: 34' Engine: Twin Carb'd 500HP's Propulsion: Bravo 1's Prop: 24P Top speed...
  6. LakeMead Boater

    Lake Mead via a GoPro

    I had a little footage from my GoPro and some trips we did earlier this year. GoPro's editing software gives you templates to build videos off of, so it makes it easy to throw something together in a few hours. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkwuJ5WkW5M
  7. LakeMead Boater

    Lake Mead- Father's Day Weekend

    A couple pictures from this past weekend at Mead. Weather was a little windy on Friday and Sunday, but Saturday was awesome!! The last two pictures are of a bitchin' 21 Nordic that showed up to Long Beach on Saturday and then a cool 22' Schiada that was out there as well. The Schiada was with a...
  8. LakeMead Boater

    2013 Ram 1500 V6

    Been kicking around the idea of getting this truck. I drive 2000-2200 miles a month and want to get something that gets mileage around 20mpg and still have the option to tow. Curious if anyone has had one and what their thoughts were on it. The majority of the reviews I've read have been pretty...
  9. LakeMead Boater

    A Little Boating Content

    Went to Hallett yesterday with my pops to go pick up the boat from service. A lot of boats in for their annual service and a few 285's being built.
  10. LakeMead Boater

    27 Schiada

    Does anyone happen to know where the burgundy & grey 27 ended up? I believe it's been through a few owners on here and I'm curious more than anything. My uncle was the original owner of that boat and I have some pretty fond memories boating with it. All the pics I've seen, it seems to still look...