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  1. Paul65k

    *~* Happy Birthday Ziggy!! *~*

    Happy Birthday my friend!!
  2. Paul65k

    Buying a Car Across Country

    That sure was a great car.....very comfortable on a long drive......other than having a small trunk it was an amazing trip!
  3. Paul65k

    Buying a Car Across Country

    Only if it wasn't built with CA smog (49 state car), I don't think there are too many of those anymore
  4. Paul65k

    Buying a Car Across Country

    I bought this guy the same way a number of years ago......here's the picture of the car in the driveway in Macon GA and my driveway in CA back then. Flew into Atlanta and rented a car, drove down to Macon with the wife......checked out the car, went to my bank I think it was BofA at the time...
  5. Paul65k

    Where’s everyone going this summer?

    Damn'it I gotta work this summer
  6. Paul65k


    Thanks for thinking of me......and I do still have the same commute :) Cheers!!
  7. Paul65k


    Hi everyone.......just saw this thread and wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts. I have made some great friends on this website and truly appreciate you all! Yes I did turn the big Six Oh yesterday and it was awesome.......spent it quietly in the hills above Prescott with...
  8. Paul65k

    Small hdtv 32 inch computer monitor deal of the day

    720P will not handle 1920X1080 resolution which is likely what your computer will put out but will in turn display at 1280X720 and while this sounds like pretty good resolution the difference is that 720P has only 44% of the resolution of a true HD monitor........trust me I've had both and 1080P...
  9. Paul65k

    Cieling fan wiring help

    Sounds like it might be time to buy a remote for the fan/light ;)
  10. Paul65k

    More Havasu Real Estate! Not Well Versed in Luxury edition!

    That was a nice place....you shoulda kept that one!!
  11. Paul65k

    Havasu's most stupid listing

  12. Paul65k

    Havasu's most stupid listing

    Like this one???
  13. Paul65k

    Need Advise On Solar Lease

    It really depends......in most cases the solar leases are just NOT a good deal. I know some on here seem to think so and it might be "Better" than not having one, the bottom line is that as a buyer you are taking on someone else's personal liability (in most cases). The previous buyer may or may...
  14. Paul65k

    WTF? What are your prescription co-pays.

    And if you dive down to Los Algodones you will probably get 2X the pills for 1/2 the cost ;)
  15. Paul65k

    Bhc out of control

    Ummmm..............Not so much!! Here in Havasu prices are up 10.4% in the past year, Inventory is up a bit but that's only because it was historically low a year ago....we are still below 2017 and 2016 levels of inventory at this time of year. Does anyone think the cost to build will go down...
  16. Paul65k

    Remembering Campbell Carl.

    Just one of the best human beings ever to walk the planet.....the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Carl!! Miss you man!
  17. Paul65k

    Bhc out of control

    Absolutely as there will certainly be one......In the mean time don't have any fun, sell the boat and just watch CNBC everyday to see when it's coming and when it does you may be a grandfather.....but you will have gotten a deal:rolleyes: Gloom and doom guys has been rampant here for the last 3...
  18. Paul65k

    Automatic Watch Service - Where to go?

    Swiss Watch Connection in Dana Point.....they do repair on site. If you need Rolex Repair I can also recommend an authorized servicer in Mission Viejo. Good Luck
  19. Paul65k

    [WTS] 2014 street glide screaming eagle edition cvo

    Not necessarily.....check with Harley to see if they had a 50 state bike in 2014....if it was a 50 state bike registration in CA should not be an issue.....if however there was a special bike for CA then you are correct about the 7500 mile rule.
  20. Paul65k

    [WTS] 2014 street glide screaming eagle edition cvo

    I haven't been following the M8 very closely.........what's "The Plague"?