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  1. MooreMoney

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    My sister is in Havasu with 11 girls for her 40th birthday. They rented a big pontoon and are looking for someone that would drive them to pirates and back. 9am-4ish. Ill pay someone if they are willing to help. They are well behaved and boaters for the most part. They just don’t want to mess...
  2. MooreMoney

    Big ass fans

    Has installed a big ass fans in a havasu RV garage? I bought one about a month ago and it’s taking over 50 days to get it delivered. I will say the customer service they have provided is top notch! https://www.bigassfans.com/fans/i6/
  3. MooreMoney

    Lake Travis-Austin Texas trip with the family

    We haven’t been able to get out to havasu this year with everything that’s going on and having a newborn. We are between house right now in havasu so everything is in storage and we really just don’t want to deal with it at the moment. So the wife and I went to lake Travis is past weekend and...
  4. MooreMoney

    Centurion boats ri257 wake boat

    Anyone have a ri257 and had havasu experience with it? Looking to see how it rides in the havasu chop. this wouldn’t replace the Dcb but compliment it for the family. Hopefully the wife would drive this so I can kick my feet up and enjoy a cold one! Having smaller kids I really want them to...
  5. MooreMoney

    Artificial putting greens

    Has anyone put one in lake havasu? If so who’s the go to company?
  6. MooreMoney

    Havasu painter

    Does anyone have a reliable painter in havasu? I have rod iron fence that needs to be painted and some outside eves that need to be touched up.
  7. MooreMoney

    Hey 95 Vegas to havasu

    I’ve never seen so much enforcement on this freeway. I’ve seen 6 cars pulled over and just not passing the turnover for Laughlin. Drive safe and drive the speed limit if driving down.
  8. MooreMoney

    Desert storm weather

    Weathers looking to be warm this year!
  9. MooreMoney

    Odd places in lake Havasu

    I came across this odd bar last weekend. Frank-n-stein pub I didn’t go in but looks off the beaten path What other odd places are in lake Havasu?
  10. MooreMoney

    RZR tires

    Does anyone have experience with Moto hammer tires? We have a rzr 900 and we do 90% grocery getter around town then off roading. https://efxtires.com/motohammer/ These looked more radial then the tires I currently have on it. Also what’s what biggest size anyone is putting on a 900 these days...
  11. MooreMoney

    Echelon Stone and Tile

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Echelon Stone and Tile for a job well done. We have been planning a kitchen remodel for the past few years and granite was the hardest contractor to find in Havasu that would work with our crazy schedule. So i go on RDP and I search of a good granite guy...
  12. MooreMoney

    Shootout results

    Did they ever post results from the shootout?
  13. MooreMoney

    Leaving a Diesel in havasu for towing

    I am contemplating leaving a Diesel out in Havasu full time for all the towing needs. The truck isn't going to be used for months at a time because it will only be used to towing. Can the new Diesels go months without starting or running? What should i be on the lookout for? thanks
  14. MooreMoney

    California tax increase November 1st

    A 12 cent increase on gas tax goes into affect November 1st. It never seems to stop in California.
  15. MooreMoney

    New havasu event in october

    I found this in another section but not much info in the article or the comments. Anyone got any info? https://speedonthewater.com/in-the-news/4524-save-the-date-swoop-whips-rock-the-docks-coming-to-havasu-in-october
  16. MooreMoney

    Barrett Custom Marine

    Shout out to AJ at Barrett Custom Marine. I don't think anyone in the business is working as hard as this guy. Hes always answering the phone and answering any questions i have. When i go to his place he is always working on the boats himself. If you follow his social media you will see hes...
  17. MooreMoney

    Monster bash

    My fiance and I are heading out next Thursday night. If you see us on the water say Hi.
  18. MooreMoney

    Lake Havasu-Amendment on Lake Restriction Passes US Hours

    Another Small Victory for us boaters http://www.havasunews.com/news/amendment-on-lake-restrictions-passes-u-s-house/article_e7eb7f46-4a2a-11e6-87d5-671f34122de7.html
  19. MooreMoney

    Props to Adrenaline Detail

    We typically get a full detail a few times a year from adrenaline detail. First time with the new boat and they really do a nice job. We normally get a full detail and they clean every nut and bolt on the boat. Here are some pictures and the pictures don't do it just how good the boat looks.
  20. MooreMoney

    Where is JAYBOAT???

    I always enjoyed seeing JayBoats pictures leading up to Desert Storm. Where has he been? Did I miss something?