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  1. =River Perfection=

    Don Mumma river rat style water pump

    Never used. 500.00 firm
  2. =River Perfection=

    Never worn Shoei helmet RF 1200

    Wife got me this for boat, got open-face instead. I'll never use it. Brand new Size 7 1/8 - 7 1/4. Comes w dark lens 70.00 value. Motorcycle helmet, SXS helmet, boat helmet... 909-670-8058 $400.00
  3. =River Perfection=

    Stolen Goods from Havasu located in the I.E. (Lake Elsinore Area)

    This is for a friend of mine Cole Thurston. His house was broken into in Havasu....... shit popped up in the I.E. for sale, go figure. If anyone sees or hears anything text me 909-670-8058 Ill get you in contact with him. From Cole... I'd like to share these screenshots with my friends. A...
  4. =River Perfection=

    Stock mercuriser parts anyone??

    Looking for a river friend, they have a BBC they are looking to drop into their boat. More of a budget-minded guy. He needs exhaust and matching thermostat housing, and possibly a few other goods. Just trying to help him out.
  5. =River Perfection=

    Chevy service manager?

    My brother has a few year old Tahoe, he bought it from Mark Christopher brand new. It has like 5 recalls. They seem to be fucking him around. Does anyone work for Chevy that can give him better service after spending that kind of money on a brand new car for his wife??
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    QC Machine shop job FYI

    Thought I would see if anyone has a line on "good" people... We are a well-established Inland Empire defense machine shop, family-owned and operated for over 50 years!! Currently looking for a long term candidate. We need an organized, extremely detail-oriented person to help us manufacture as...
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    Lower Parker guys saw this on CL

    This thing is suuuper clean and I think a great deal. Just FYI to any lower river guys. 14k OBO. Prob get this thing for around the 12K mark. 502, great set up. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/d/rancho-cucamonga-1995-carrera-21-ft/6888253038.html
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    Tire shaving in the I.E.

    Other than Parkhouse, anyone have another source. Thank you. Need a set of front shaved asap.
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    Rancho Cucamonga home listing...

    Wowzers, saw this shit pop up today in new listing. Looks like what could be some hot bikes in the garage. Just thought I'd forward. https://www.redfin.com/CA/Rancho-Cucamonga/8358-Pumalo-St-91701/home/4054223
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    Support drag boat racing

    This weekend at Bluewater Marina. Lots of drag boat hisorty at Bluewater, and there is some great old school racing going down this weekend. Great entry level club to see what your river boat does. I know there is also a revival in Blow Gas Flatbotm of sorts, with 6 or so showing up.
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    Looking for OC waterfront monthy rental

    Where is best place to see monthly option listings, Newport to Seal. I know the standard VRBO ect. Where could I see more homes that lean towards monthly. I searched Zillow already, anything else? We would like to stay for a few months. Thanks for the help!
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    Hot Boat Aug 1993

    Anyone that can get me the two page Dick Vale article for a friend? His boat is in it. Thnaks, scan or good picture would be just find.
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    Who can get me Parcel ID info

    Need to get the owners info of a lot that recently sold in Riverside Co. Can anyone help?
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    Searching Hallett 210

    Looking for a Hallett 210 open bow. Not a tire kicker, so if anyone knows anything super duper clean and newer can u let me know. Red's only, no other color combo interested in. Thanks
  15. =River Perfection=

    Parker strip early 70's

    Dad's 2nd Hallett flat, somethings will be cool forever! Ordered brand new from Nick Barron. Was Mom and Dads ski boat.. then Dad started racing it and then ordered a Hondo runner bottom.
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    LED Landscape lights HELP

    Having a hell of a time. Replaced my spot flood lights in my back yard.. as soon as I add more then 3 they all start blinking. Any experience? This is on a 900w transformer.. and a singe 300w run around my pool, does not like the leds. 3 ok .. 4th starts the drama. I have 7spots and some...
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    Connolly boat fans...

    Just a heads up for those who might like these boats, they are hard to find nice ones. This one is a good friends and going to be coming up for sale. Is not going to be a give away price, but the boat is very very nice. Lew Larson built and maintained motor.. and the gel and interior is like...
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    2004 YZ450 trade for Honda XR plated

    Very clean bike, original owner, factory connection suspension, billet triple clamps(uppers and lowers), TAG bars. Looking to trade for a plated Honda XR 400, clean bikes only please, with up to date reg! Banshee wife's bike.. not for sale. No PM's please call or text 909-670-8058
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    Cal coast RV parks...

    What are the best ones pismo and above? Looking to do a week stay this winter. Or any bitchen lakes. Need full hooks and room for 40' trailers/mo ho's. Looking for ideas. thanks!
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    Need one to power the A/C on my fifth wheel. Not ready to buy one, we do not do much dry camping at all right now. Anyone who rents them for the weekend? It seems, to get by for the weekend the two Honda 2000's or a nice 3000 should work OK. Needed the last weekend of Sept for a race. I could...