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  1. Ballyhoo

    Winter clean up

    Spent most of the day cleaning up our boat. Pulled out the interior- seats, seat bases and hatch. Vinyl will get a full cleaning and I will thoroughly vacuum and clean the carpet as needed. It really helps getting everything clean and dialed in. Applied a sealant/UV protectant followed up...
  2. Ballyhoo

    2005 GMC Sierra 1500 ticking/knocking noise?

    My son bought this truck with 118k on it and it now has 160k. He has done all required service during that time. Late last week he noticed a ticking/knocking noise on cold start in the morning. After 10-15 minutes it would go away. Oil level was fine, no apparent leaks and no warning lights...
  3. Ballyhoo

    Shout out for Shadow Trailers - Havasu

    My trailer jack was failing and I needed it replaced. Went to a local shop where they came out and took a look at my set up. They told me they would need to cut off the old jack, weld a new bracket on, color match the paint on the trailer and then install the new jack. I would need to plan...
  4. Ballyhoo

    The calm before the storm - Midweek boating/pics

    Beautiful weather and not many folks on the lake-yet. Been here all week and we are leaving on Friday. Safe boating for the folks coming in for the holiday weekend.
  5. Ballyhoo

    Havasu Marine Specialties-Shout out!

    While I was getting the boat ready today, I noticed a leak coming from a braided stainless line on a trim ram. I stopped by my regular mechanic who confirmed the problem. He was swamped and unable to fix it but he sent me to another shop where I was able to buy the parts. I was going to give...
  6. Ballyhoo

    Temporary Covid 19 relief

    A full service with a clean bill of health. Followed up with some serious elbow grease and TLC. Ready for season twenty.
  7. Ballyhoo

    Fathers day weekend

    Happy Fathers Day weekend to all the dads. . We are getting the celebration started early.
  8. Ballyhoo

    Schiada Spring cleaning

    In Havasu to finish up the yearly maintenance and get the spring cleaning done on the 24. We will be trying out products from Shine Supply. We have been using them on our cars for a few years now. I’ll post additional pics as we go. We will definitely get out on the water today, Friday and...
  9. Ballyhoo

    Ready for the weekend

    Made it to Havasu This afternoon at about 430PM. Had to run by Discount Tire for air in the trailer tires. Spent some time prepping the boat, grocery shopping and a few other things. Put the boat away just before the storm hit Our oldest son was planning on driving out from Prescott tomorrow...
  10. Ballyhoo

    Prescott Valley to Lake Havasu - Info needed

    Looking for information on what might be the best, not necessarily the fastest way from Prescott Valley to LHC on a Friday late afternoon, early evening. Maps shows the routes but I would like first hand information if possible - How the 89 going North to the 40 is and so on. Thanks in...
  11. Ballyhoo

    Winter maintenance run

    Heading out to Havasu solo this afternoon, to get some things tightened up on our rig. Might launch on Friday if its above 65
  12. Ballyhoo

    No Ethanol fuel in Phoenix

    Where can I find no Ethanoll 91 or 93 gas in the Phoenix area?
  13. Ballyhoo

    November boating and prop testing

    I was out last weekend helping a friend test a couple of props on his Stoker. The weather was great and the water was nice.
  14. Ballyhoo

    Registration number painters in Havasu

    Need info in the go to guys for removing and painting registration numbers in Havasu? Thanks in advance
  15. Ballyhoo


    My youngest son getting rewarded with some local Bluefin Tuna.
  16. Ballyhoo

    Havasu this weekend

    Heading out very early Thursday for a service appointment and then trailer work on Friday at Adrenaline. Its up in the air if my son can go with me or not so it could be a solo run. Weather looks to be really good.
  17. Ballyhoo

    Pelican Cooler

    Pelican Cooler 65 quart, Tan, Brand new-never used. $300
  18. Ballyhoo

    New mechanic needed in Havasu

    My BOAT mechanic moved out of state. Need some recommendations and reasons why you like your shop. My boat has a carbureted BBC with a Bravo One Thanks in advance
  19. Ballyhoo

    Lake Pleasant first timer

    Spent half a day on Lake Pleasant today, testing out my buddies "new to him" Stoker. Great day on the water running his new rig. I had the chance to run it around the lake in some choppy water. It was a blast and I really like the Stoker.
  20. Ballyhoo

    The calm before the storm

    Arrived in Havi with my sons around noon. Picked up some groceries and then did a couple lighting repairs on the boat trailer. As per the usual routine, I fired up the boat and let it run for a bit. I quickly noticed a fairly loud noise coming from a belt or pulley. Crap! On the other hand...