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  1. rvrgirl

    Moving To Havasu! - Finally!!!!!!

    The house on our street on the south side is for sale and it has a pool. It's on Chiricahua. Off of mcculloch and buena vista. Not sure how much they are asking. Just noticed the for sale sign this evening. Nice house with a boat deep garage.
  2. rvrgirl

    First aid at river boating events, any takes?

    We need RN/LPN's at our nursing home in Lake Havasu. We are hiring NOW.. Any takers, send me a PM. I can give you the details. Or pass this along. Also looking for CNA's...
  3. rvrgirl

    Ellen Degenerous Tickets?

    I have been trying for the longest time. NEVER HAPPENS. I am trying to get them for my birthday May 3rd. I even sent her an email. So fingers crossed we will see.
  4. rvrgirl

    Happy Birthday Skyskier

    Happy Birthday Grandpa. :p
  5. rvrgirl

    Deadliest Catch Tonite

    I will be watching for sure....
  6. rvrgirl

    accident at bluewater?

    Yes it was bad. We have a house 2 doors down from the accident. I am glad they found him. Not sure of the outcome. Lots of prayers needed. Sooo sad.
  7. rvrgirl


    thanks for the update BC. The water level is now back to normal. Just a tad below normal. That situation got kinda scary there for awhile
  8. rvrgirl


    We just got a notice from 2 firemen that stopped by. Said we may have 2 evacuate. Said Badenochs is already flooded. Its crazy...
  9. rvrgirl


    WILL DO!! It just keep coming....
  10. rvrgirl


    We just arrived at our riverhouse. The water level is all the way past our dock and up 2 the grass now. Does anyone know why this is happening?? Boat cop???
  11. rvrgirl

    Prayers needed....

    I am going through "something" like this with my sister in law. Really makes you stop and think... hmmmm... is this all really worth it.... My prayers are with you and your family.
  12. rvrgirl

    Need Work.... Nursing Field

    We are hiring at my nursing home... BUT... it is in LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ. She would need to get a AZ license...
  13. rvrgirl

    What else in in that " Schwans" ice cream truck ?......

    Are you the same driver that is on our street CHIRICAHUA DRIVE.. Southside Havasu???
  14. rvrgirl

    Memorial Day in Parker - RoadRunner!!!

    If you are needing a place to rent for Memorial-Day or for the tub float. Contact myself or riverratmike. May have a place on the water for you. Please PM us. We are gone this weekend in Parker.. So we will get back with you on Monday.Thanks~ Heather
  15. rvrgirl

    Hey Wheeler..........................

    :rolleyes: HAHA... VERY funny...;) Well at least I can make a great banana cream pie...:rolleyes:
  16. rvrgirl

    Hey Wheeler..........................

    Everyone made it safe and sound.... Hal where was the "Texas Toast"... BBQ started everyone wellllccoooomeee....:champagne:
  17. rvrgirl

    See you guys at the circles in Parker

    I want to go with. CRAB LEGS.. YUMMY... Bring some over 2 the Minery house and some Corona's 2 wash them down/Pleasssee grandpa.:p
  18. rvrgirl

    Girls Shirts are in the works now..

  19. rvrgirl

    Parker Strip March 20th 2010

    We are going over to Denny's house for dinner. The kids may come over and go fishing. Come on by...
  20. rvrgirl

    Anybody else in the poker run today?..........

    Are we all meeting up later today? Who is all with you? Call us later after 2:00. Should be at the Parker house by then. Can't wait!!