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  1. warpt71

    Ft. Mohave dream house.

    Im not a player at that price, but, hows the dust with the roads? Dust control is one of my biggest complaints at my park in Blythe
  2. warpt71

    Food In Havasu - Dave's opinions

    Im a big fan of the Red Onion. After that, Id go to Road Runner
  3. warpt71

    Ft. Mohave dream house.

    How close to the water?
  4. warpt71

    AO Soft-Sided Cooler Repair

  5. warpt71

    Kawi 550 Resto

    I have done RWB and had a good time. My buddy that organized the big rides doesnt seem interested anymore. I would do it again though, I would have to get a ski running though. We had a pontoon follow as a chase vehicle and had fuel onboard too. That ride was AWESOME! We did another one...
  6. warpt71

    AO Soft-Sided Cooler Repair

    I fixed a soft cooler using Gorilla tape. Seriously! I know the exact moment the cooler got torn too, I was tossing beers from off the roof of the houseboat and my buddy was catching them and tossing them in the empty cooler. The bottom had a cresent shaped tear in the bottom. Maybe I got...
  7. warpt71

    Kawi 550 Resto

    I might have been in that group? We did a ride from Jack Smith back to Site 6. I had my 550 and 440 out, there were a couple X2's, superjets and maybe a 650. @Dennis-19 do you still need some parts? I have 2 hulls full of stuff
  8. warpt71

    Father’s Day Gifts

    I'm taking him to the river this weekend. Seems odd to say that cause we live in Havasu. I told him to bring his flat down and come cruise. I'll do all the cooking this weekend and I'll make sure the beers stay cold. Other than that, I bought him a new button up shirt from Dixxon & Mooneyes.
  9. warpt71

    Pure 60s California right here.

    Yes Bob Stein, that's a name I've grown up hearing 👍👍
  10. warpt71

    Pure 60s California right here.

    Dad grad Dad graduated from Granada, class of '69. He had a white '62 Impala. His brother had a '66 Chevelle, 327 4 speed car if I remember right. Their car club was Competition Inc. They had an apartment together across from Devonshire downs, between Lindley and Zelzah. I think they hung out...
  11. warpt71

    Pure 60s California right here.

    I new cool change was from there. I wonder how many of y'all crossed paths with my dad? I grew up at White Oak and Los Alimos. Grandma's house, where dad graduated highschool from, was Ruffner and Rinaldi
  12. warpt71

    Pure 60s California right here.

    I'd be interested in knowing what the address was, I grew up in GH, much later, but, it's still home to me
  13. warpt71

    40 East bound from the 95 onramp (loves gas station) backed up for miles

    I came through at about 4 and it was already to the 95
  14. warpt71

    anybody need some 134a freon in havasu?

    I was soo cold in my car yesterday I had to turn the fan down and the temp up! Grateful for good guys like you!!!!!
  15. warpt71

    So how much did this t shirt cost me? DUI checkpoint question

    I know exactly where the throwable is, well, I finally remembered lol. But now have no clue where the fire extinguisher is?!?!?! Crap 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  16. warpt71

    Anyone slip into the Wet Clam?

    Im allergic to shellfish.........that being said, how do the owners look! 🤪
  17. warpt71

    My Pops Ruined the Neighbors

    The garage pic with the Clay Smith hat, absolutely CLASSIC!!! You should send that to them
  18. warpt71

    What car to buy

    Id buy another Flex in a heartbeat! That said, we have out grown our Flex and would consider picking up an '15-20 Suburban
  19. warpt71

    A frame in havasu

    I'm pretty sure it's @SJP if not, sorry for the tag lol
  20. warpt71

    A frame in havasu

    Someone has a fork lift. Hole on, Ill look them up