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    130 mph Placecraft jet boat video

    I made a change to the bottom of my jet boat and picked up 15 mph. This is 8 psi of boost and 7,000 rpm with the largest impeller I can fit into the jet drive. Now that the bottom of the boat works a lot better I'll start feeding the 711ci Hemi a bit more boost. I'm hoping to have her all...
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    Toterhome vs Motorhome vs RV recomendations

    I have an old enclosed ramp truck that i use to haul my drag boat inside of. Recently, I considered converting the inside of it into living quarters and then towing a trailer behind it with the boat inside. Seemed like a solid idea until i hooked the trailer to it. It rode horribly and didn't...
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    Need a boat trailer hauled from AZ to CA.

    I have a 21ft aluminum trailer at Kokopelli Trailers in Casa Grande, AZ and need it hauled to Eliminator Boats in CA by next wednesday march 24th. Anybody going that way? The trailer is pretty light and doesn’t have brakes. It does have functioning lights, they just weren’t installed when these...
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    19' Peterson Placecraft tunnel hull Jet Boat for sale $25,000

    For sale 19-foot Peterson Placecraft Jet Boat and trailer (no motor or jet drive) Specs: hull is completely capped and finished in brilliant silver, orange and blue metalflake gel coat. The bare hull weighs 420lbs. It has beautiful flow-coated floors, lightweight bulkheads and balsa wood...
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    School me on generators and AC units for toy haulers

    I have this 1989 GMC R3500 enclosed hauler that I use to tow my race car and and drag boat (not at the same time. :) ) to events. There's no generator or a/c in the garage area. I'd like to change that. The box is 24-ft long and 7ft tall inside. At some point this year I'm going to replace the...
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    Stand-up Jet Ski suggestions

    I live in Georgia and ride a 1994 Yamaha Superjet. It's basically stock with a ride plate and footholds in the tray. The single carb 601 motor has been super reliable. I'm gonna be taking a trip to Parker in July to a bit of boating on the lower river and wanted to buy another stand-up when I'm...
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    Tested my Twin-Turbo Placecraft again. video...

    We are making strides. This was the first time I've driven it with boost. 8 psi of boost spun the engine 6,900 rpm with a 9.5" AAA-cut Dominator impeller. It's starting to feel fast now. lol -mike
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    711ci Twin Turbo Placecraft lake test

    After chasing a few gremlins with the fuel and ignition systems I headed back to my local lake (Don't worry, I live at the lake and nobody is there right now so technically I'm avoiding humans. :) ) to see if I could go a little faster while tuning the efi system. Enjoy!
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    My Placecraft Jet Boat build is finally on the water.

    Six or seven years after taking delivery of a bare Tom Peterson Placecraft jet boat hull and untold hours of wiring, plumbing and fabricating, I took my son out for its maiden voyage. Still needs tuning but it was super fun. There are a bunch of videos on my YouTube Channel, Finnegan's Garage...
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    Is there a UTV that will launch a drag boat on a steep ramp?

    Right now I have a four seater Yamaha gas golf cart for getting around our neighborhood and down to the lake. it will barely tug my boat trailer out of the garage. It will never be able to launch my boat. Ive been kicking around the idea of buying some kind of 4wd UTV to replace the cart and use...
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    Laveycraft 21 XTSKI Walk Through Open Bow Jet Boat for Sale/Trade up for a deck boat

    This hull is in excellent shape. Always kept in my heated garage during winter and stored under cover during the summer. It's a balsa core layup. No damage to the bottom. There is one small area of dock rash but otherwise the gel coat is in great shape. A new all-white interior was installed in...
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    Topkick/kodiak C4500 owners

    Right now I've got a 2010 Tundra DC 5.7 V8 4x4 that I doubt will safely pull a larger (28ft-plus) enclosed car trailer. I've got a friend who is selling an '03 Kodiak crew cab, 2wd, with about 250K miles on the chassis and 30K miles on a new duramax and injectors. It doesn't have air suspension...
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    Recognize this Eliminator Fun Deck??

    Interested in this boat. Ad looks to be a month old but the phone number is disconnected. anyone know who owns it? link to ad: http://www.powerboatlistings.com/view/36268
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    Bracket racing on water: Boat 949 at The Lucas Oil World Finals video

    We came, we saw, we lost and had the time of our lives. check it out. :)
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    indoor boat storage in Blythe?

    We have a spot at Lost Lake, which doesn't offer indoor boat storage. Is there a place in Blythe (its on the way to the campground) that has rental units? Looking to store a jet ski on a stand and a 22 Foot Laveycraft inside a couple of weeks from now. I know Aha Quin has units but getting info...
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    2003 Honda CRF50 sale/trade for stand up jet ski

    '03 Honda with big boy bars, Red Barron clamps, Big Gun pipe, K&N filter, orange Sano plastics etc. Bike is in great shape, i just never use it. I'm looking for a Kawasaki or Yamaha 750 stand up jet ski. Can add cash plus the bike for the right ski or I'll take $1,000 for the bike.
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    Riverdave's drag racing team

    Dave- thanks for the support. lets do it again next month.