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  1. port austin pirate


    Being an old school White guy I seem to be totally out of touch with the how the old guy words are preceived today, for years I have been refering to the idiot Libs as a bunch of CSers now I find out that instead of an insult, most of the Libs regard it as a high compliment so hard to keep up...
  2. port austin pirate

    Best shocks 2005 GMC 2500

    Get some pretty good input for real world use en experience on here, Wondering what shocks you guys would use on my 2005 GMC 2500 4 wheel drive D-max, 57 k miles no offroad not much heavy hauling, pull 29 fountain on aluminum trl would guess around 7 to 8 k mostly light loads or no load, like...
  3. port austin pirate


    Bidens DOJ has discovered a group of white supremacists the name of this new group of domestic terrorists is AL-GEBRA
  4. port austin pirate

    4 words for the libs all true

    Biden blows Kamala sucks
  5. port austin pirate

    cold weather boat storage

    was a thread the other day about moving to and storing boats in cold climates, Dont know if it has been replaced , but one of the things I used to due in Mich winters was take plastic containers yogurt cups ect put small holes in containers tops fill them with mothballs, would keep mice, rats...
  6. port austin pirate


    anybody else feel like punching everyone of these liberal a-holes in the face when they Start spewing this now is the time for us all to come together , after you lying cheating low life scumbag a-holes attacked the president and all of us with your lies libel support of riots attacks on...
  7. port austin pirate

    Cleaning pebbleteck

    c Cleaning some older pebbleteck patio have 3200 psi pressure washer, But still different colors en spots (maybe some mineral) just wonderinmg if any of the folks on R.D.s have any suggestions for cleaners or soaps that might help, maybe light stain or rotory scrubber, Thanks in advance P.A. pirate
  8. port austin pirate


    Just wonderin in view of RDs call to clean it up in here If 500 refers to Mayor Pete as a BFing CSing Cumguzzlin Homo. Should he be banned or applauded for a perfect description?
  9. port austin pirate


    Just read online that CNN took a poll, and according to their poll every Dem running would beat Trump except for Warren in an election,Are these BOZOS for real, next their gonna tell us that Elves en Brownies are real and that there are little men in your refrige that turn out the light when you...
  10. port austin pirate

    Havazoo trip

    Gonna try and run over tomorrow, weather looks a little shakey hope it clears if not try and do Friday run just lookin the place over. if you see a gezzer in a dlb jacket or nra hat stop en say hello, always enjoy meeting fellow boaters
  11. port austin pirate

    Havasu weekend of the 19/20

    Never been to Havasu, thinkin of maybe running over for a few days to check it out. Just wondering anything goin on that wkend, and any advice on route for trip( from Sac C.A.) also decent places to stay and what to see en do while there. Any input/advice appreciated.
  12. port austin pirate

    Nor cal fires

    Just wondering, War canoe you live in the Orville I thought, Hopeing you and yours are not affected by this fire, Our hopes and prayers go out to all who are.
  13. port austin pirate


    Just saw the new Jurassic movie, kinda weak, but at the end they released a bunch of dinos in C.A., and my first thoughts were how terrible is that, within a week these Fn Dinos will have C.A. drivers lics, free food health care colledge tuitions, and santurary cities they can live in. GO LIBLOONS
  14. port austin pirate

    wind river

    Anybody catch the Wind River flic, Kind of on the dark side but I thought very good movie, contrary to most new pics most of it was pretty beileveable.
  15. port austin pirate

    howard 28 bullet

    Always seems to be guys looking for these, just passin it along there is a 2001 28 bullet with a 620 Teague for 45k on offshoreonly looks like its in Fla, listed on 6/23:cool
  16. port austin pirate


    Anybody have any experience with the Eastwood tig200 ac dc welder, or have any recomendations for reasonably priced tigs for home use any input appreciated:D
  17. port austin pirate

    Alfa Remro Giulia

    Anybody have one of the the new Alfa Giulia turbo 4 cyl or have any input on them, lookin at them, any feedback appreciated :)
  18. port austin pirate

    past en future

    Past early in ww2 one of the highest ranked military officers of Japan made the statement, If we tried to land troops in america there would be a gun behind ever blade of grass. Fast forward to the future, Cali has seceded and now is the Peoples republic of Dumbfuckistan , enemy general If we...
  19. port austin pirate

    grads buyin drinks

    Anybody know if Grads is still buyin those drinks,and if he is where?:champagne:
  20. port austin pirate

    Alllison powered Rudy Ramos marathon boat

    Nice read in this months Hot rod mag about the Hot rod special Rudy Ramos Allison powered marathon boat cool pics and background info, beautifully restored:thumbsup