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  1. 72Hondo

    San Juan help

    I usually don't do this but I'm reaching out to everyone. I fear for my brothers and sisters. I work for an all cargo airline based in Dallas, Tx. We fly heavily through out the U.S., Mexico, Canada and PR. As you are aware, Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. We operate a base at San...
  2. 72Hondo

    Rigging pictures

    Post your rigging pictures. This was all AN and hard lines for water.
  3. 72Hondo


    Motors done 327 SBC - I think it made around 420HP and 380-390trq. I'll have to look at the dyno sheet. Build sheet (yes I took out the name for now) first time using this builder. Everything look good? A tad out of my league with those numbers.
  4. 72Hondo

    Are all Anti-Seize's created equal?

    Getting the odds and ends buttoned up on the motor. I use to use aerospace anti-seize but they've cracked down on taking shop supplies home. Does everyone just use Permatex?
  5. 72Hondo

    Wanted Alternator

    Look for a chevy 1 wire chrome alt Also looking for a SBC header stud kit And one water injection line for Bassett headers. They're SBC OT headers not sure if the water lines are interchangeable.
  6. 72Hondo

    Disney world?

    Anyone been to Disney World? We're looking at going on vacation in January and looking for places. If I'm reading right, everyone want's 1500+ for a package at Disney world. That seems a litter excessive with no airfare. I get to fly for free basically anywhere in the 48. Any hook ups for...
  7. 72Hondo

    Move over brown and purple

    There's a new kid on the block https://www.amazon.com/p/feature/gca37opgyo4u53v And this is just pure genius https://flex.amazon.com/ They have a good business model, worlds different from UPS/FedEx.
  8. 72Hondo

    Lake lice

    Yeah yeah, we all hate them because there driven by retards. That being said, who has one? I've been toying with the idea of picking one up for those days you don't want to go through the whole sphell of getting the boat ready or it's broken. I think of it as a motorcycle on the water. What...
  9. 72Hondo

    Random stuff

    Bassett mufflers 4" will fit bell end's - $200 Hondo pedal pedal only - $90 PD nozzle inserts -$65 Everything is OBO and shipped to your door, if need be.
  10. 72Hondo

    The boating legacy lives on

    My dad bought a 1972 Hondo jet boat new in 72 or 73, I believe it was in North Hollywood. Before us kids, out every weekend living the life etc. I remember week vacations at BV learning how to ski, fishing, etc. As my brothers were born they trips slowed. In the early 90's the boat was redone...
  11. 72Hondo

    Dolby Atmos

    Is anyone running a Atmos setup? How do you like it? Are you running a 5.1.2 or a 7. I'm looking to upgrade my AV receiver and most come with Atmos now. I figured I might invest in at least some up firing add on Atmos speaks. But don't know if it's worth it. I've head mixed reviews. To truly...
  12. 72Hondo

    Boating DVD / blue ray?

    What boating content is out there? (Cause there's none in here [emoji13]) I know pegged is out and I have nothing against it, just not my cup of tea. I'm looking for jets, hydo's, flats, etc. I think Jerry has a ton of videos but don't think he has put anything together per say. Any good old...
  13. 72Hondo

    At will employment

    If an employee signs paperwork stating their employment is "at will" and can be terminated by either party, at any time, with or without prior notice; is it legally binding? If said employee was terminated, would the employer be liable for anything? Could the employee come back with wrongful...
  14. 72Hondo

    Looking for info on old school boats.

    I'm looking for info on these types of boats; Second one seems to be a 59 holiday. First one was spotted at castaic some time ago. For some reason I love the lines and who could use a put put boat. Anyone heard of holiday boats? Can't find a ton of info on them.
  15. 72Hondo

    Recommend me a cam

    Ok Dave let's test this out. I'm running a 327, .30 over, 8.1 static, 64cc camel back heads with light port work. A B&M144 sits on top with dual 450's. In it currently is a solid reproduction 30/30. Motor is at the shop being redone and I never thought the came was right for a jet boat (yeah...
  16. 72Hondo

    How did you know?

    It was time to walk away from your long time employer? I've been with my current company for 11 years and we're just not seeing eye to eye anymore. New owner as of 2/3 years ago. Not sure he knows exactly what's going on but we've had two different presidents in the past two years and money...
  17. 72Hondo

    4K TV review

    I've seen a lot of TV talk on here but not much on 4K. Over the weekend while everyone was partying, I picked up a 55" Vizio 4K TV. I was nervous about Vizio being I always thought of them as a new comer as opposed to Sony, Samsung, etc. After some members on here mentioned how good they were...
  18. 72Hondo

    Pratt & Whitney Wasp

    I want this! They also made a V8 version. Would love to get my hands on either. They were made by Renwal in the 60's. You can find them on eBay for about $150 for the V8 and about $350 for radial engine. They don't make stuff like this anymore.
  19. 72Hondo

    Machinest hand book

    Thought I share this gem. Found it at a used book store, they were actually giving it away. It has a ton of info in it. Can't place an exact date on it though. Anyone ever seen one?
  20. 72Hondo

    Tower speakers?

    I'm basically going through a divorce. I get the Denon AVR1913 and the velodyne sub. I'm looking for a decent set of tower speakers. Don't need the whole surround just yet as I listen to music, games, etc. Anyone have any recommendations? Kiplisch sp? Any good?