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  1. PuraVida Victory

    New 79 Spectra 20 Project

    Finally getting around to posting this. Picked this sucker up a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't pass up the deal. I love these boats and have always wanted one. By far may favorite hull of all time. They just look so good. Its a 1979 20. Has a merc 260/alpha combo but thats gonna get changed...
  2. PuraVida Victory

    Looking for info on Witchcraft boats

    Might go look at one this weekend. Its a 1978 mini day cruiser with a panther jet. Looks basically like a spectra 20. From what i can see.in the pics it looks like a full stringer boat with no floor. Already have a engine to swap in and a berkley to build and swap probably after summer if I do...
  3. PuraVida Victory

    Bullhead Rotary park launch?

    Anybody launch here. How is it? What's the parking like? Is it expensive? Does it get busy? Are there usually cops watching you? How's the water depth and current? In the 20 plus years we've had our house I dont think we've ever gone there! Usually go down to needles with the big boat but...
  4. PuraVida Victory

    Tatum 2 seat mid engine chassis

    Selling a 2 seat mid engine black widow chassis. Comes with good, roof, roof wing, side panels, firewall, dash, center console, rear midboard arms and gas tank. Set up for coilover and bypass. Chromoly tight welded. Tabbed for chevy and medeola Need this thing gone $4500 odo Any questions text...
  5. PuraVida Victory

    New Barron 190!!

    Dont know if anyone else has seen this. I saw it on Barrons Instagram. There new 19 cruiser! This thing is sweet. Cant wait to see a LS powered on and an outboard version! Nice job Barron Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. PuraVida Victory

    2 bolt BBC worth it?

    I've got a mkIV 454 that's in good shape along with some oval port heads (781 casting) This engine was given to me for free and I'm thinking about doing a stock build with maybe a better cam and bump compression slightly. My question is will a 2bolt block be ok for this or do I have to use a 4...
  7. PuraVida Victory

    CeeBee Avengers

    Looking for some info on these boats. Seen a couple for sale and am really interested in one. How is the quality. How do they ride and handle. Biggest question is how do they take a bigger engine like 150 or 200. Most I see have 115s or 125s it seems. I'm looking at an 84 bubble deck style. I...
  8. PuraVida Victory

    Need some info on Daytona boats (the brand)

    Hey all. Looking g at a Daytona 20 foot daycruiser for sale. Decent looking boat but I know nothing about the brand. It looks to ba another spectra copy but I'm not sure. Are these boats any good? What's the build quality, how do they perform, is it a straight copy or are they different from...
  9. PuraVida Victory

    Tahiti day cruiser spectra copy?

    Looking for some info on these hulls. Looks like a spectra so I thought this would be a good place to ask. My brother is looking at one for sale and want to know what we would be getting into. Are they copies of the spectra or different. How do the perform? How is the build quality? Any info...
  10. PuraVida Victory

    Rub rail rivets

    What is the best way to remove the rub rail rivets. I already got the rail of. Do I just punch them through?
  11. PuraVida Victory

    Registration with no HIN?

    Need some help. found a hull i like as a project boat on craigslist. Problem is the guy says he's got no paperwork and the previous owners ground of the numbers or filled them in or something. Stolen? Maybe. its super cheap though and is exactly what I'm looking for. So my question is is it...