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  1. MooreMoney

    Memphis Hotel Recommendation

    Peabody hotel or bass pro shop hotel. The Peabody is a very cool hotel right in the middle of town. They have ducks walk from the elevator to the fountain every morning in the lobby. It’s a pretty cool thing to see. https://www.peabodymemphis.com/ Also check out central bbq too. One of the...
  2. MooreMoney

    My Car Buying Saga Continues

    I bought a Escalade yesterday. Wasn’t easy getting what I wanted and had to jump when it arrived.
  3. MooreMoney

    At Home Depot...Had to stop at the bank first

    Our builder said our home would cost 150k-200k more today then when we finished 6 months ago in the refuge. Lumber alone was 60k more and this was a couple months ago. Rumor has it our neighbor got a nice 350k change order for materials/cost. Crazy times building.
  4. MooreMoney

    Pancreatic Tumor Experience

    I would be on the first flight to houston to get into MD Anderson. Have your doctor get you into the patient portal to get care at MD Anderson.
  5. MooreMoney

    Talk about some money showing up for a boat run!

    I was in Miami last week and we did a little yacht rental did the day. I saw a couple midnight express 43’s around the bay. Damn those boats are nice and look amazing on the water. One of them was black and it was so dang shinny I’m sure it took weeks of cleaning to make it look like it did. I...
  6. MooreMoney

    Accident at mouth of river this evening?

    How about bouys markers around the sandbar so people know it’s a hazard? Seems like a simple solution to me.
  7. MooreMoney

    Accident at mouth of river this evening?

    The boat looked white not silver QUOTE="n2otoofast4u, post: 4089491, member: 16966"] I asked if it was an OL, as I know exactly what boat you’re talking about. Guy was certain it was a Fountain, but I’m still leaning to think it was the OL.
  8. MooreMoney

    Accident at mouth of river this evening?

    You can see people walking on the sand. He even saw jet skis stuck. So my guess is 6 inches to a foot in spots.
  9. MooreMoney

    Accident at mouth of river this evening?

    My neighbor in the refuge has a view of the mouth of the river. He was counting the boats getting stuck and was up to 20 as of last night. He said the one pictured was the worse one of the weekend so far but we couldn’t tell if anyone was ejected. 10 boats were around the one pictured and it...
  10. MooreMoney

    Love your site but...

    Looks like a youth shirt and an adult shirt cost $60 bucks. So $30 each. Seems normal to me.
  11. MooreMoney

    Some cell pics of the MTI Lunch Run

    That’s totally awesome to change the seat so the kid can sit up front. My 3 year old daughter would love that, she’s always sitting on my lap wanting to drive.
  12. MooreMoney

    Miami trip

    I’ll be there next weekend! Watching this thread
  13. MooreMoney

    Not good news for desert storm parties...

    I was thinking the same thing... 2 years for this bust? That doesn’t seem like a big bust for that much time.
  14. MooreMoney

    New Campbell Cove Gas Pumps

    Is it az regulation that requires the short hoses? I always wonder why any fuel pump in Havasu would have a short hose.
  15. MooreMoney

    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    @Skater368 i remember you taping out the trailer to make sure it fit in your garage. Million dollar question is did it fit? Ha this has been a lot of fun to watch, thank you for sharing the process.
  16. MooreMoney

    Garage epoxy flooring questions..

    Having 2400sq feet done on Monday in Havasu. Last house we owned I did it myself and it wasn’t a fun project but was super durable and lasted for 5 years (then moved). I like the look much better then concrete floors. I did look into polishing the concrete in Havasu but it cost a lot more and...
  17. MooreMoney

    Super Cat Fest Schedule?

    Cats ass is back out on poker runs? He’s a good dude but I haven’t seen him in years.
  18. MooreMoney

    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    Dave the audio sounds great on these videos.
  19. MooreMoney

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    I am a little worried.... I got a couple videos and a couple girls were acting like the 90’s.
  20. MooreMoney

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    People don’t surprise me anymore