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  1. LC925

    2 X Evinrude 300HP V8 2 Stroke

    There are a pair of outboards if anyone is looking for parts. Not sure of the running condition or hours but doesn’t look too bad under the cowling. I know parts were hard to come by when I had mine. https://offerup.co/Y4HwrJvLqfb
  2. LC925

    Islander purchase (possibly)

    So there might be a chance to buy a park model in here before it hits the market. The grandma of a buddy has a place in there but they are uncertain on a time line. Is there a difference in process between “for sale by owner” or “for sale by Islander”? As in, is there an application for approval...
  3. LC925

    Golf cart covers

    Where’s a good place to buy one that’s not $200+ in town? Arrived Thursday and looks like mine blew off or was stolen. I prefer to think it blew off with the high winds a couple weeks ago. EZGO 4 seater I would order online and have it shipped to me but have some friends in town that can go...
  4. LC925

    Operation N/B i-15

    Now which inmate forgot his RDP decal? Zoom in, thought this was awesome!
  5. LC925

    Over it, am wrong?

    Excuse the grammar in advance, just venting!!!! So we had our daughters 1 year check up at the local Kaiser. Walk in to the building, check in and fill out their sheet while we wait to be called. They call our daughter’s name, we walk up to the door as usual, “oh sorry only one of you may come...
  6. LC925

    Havasu Marine Specialties

    Just wanted to throw a shout out to Shane @namba860 for an oil/lube service he completed for me on my 600 SCI / XR during the week. Easy to deal with and even picked up/delivered it while I was back home in CA. Thanks for squeezing in a fellow RDP’r when most shops are too busy. FYI: he offers...
  7. LC925

    XR Drive friction/grinding recommendations

    So I noticed that my drive (upper) seems to be “grinding” against the transom plate/gimbal when you trim up/down on the Starboard side. I will be taking it into a shop to get some advise on if maybe a shim kit is needed?!? What say the RDP’rs on what I can show here. 600SCI/XR roughly 30 hours...
  8. LC925

    Truck with a 5th wheel hitch

    Anyone going to be in CrazyHorse this weekend by chance with a 2500/3500 and a 5th wheel hitch? I need to move my trailer a couple feet (literally) and trying to avoid taking my dually so I can roll out in the 1500. The dually rides great with weight on it but rides like crap thanks to the 19.5”...
  9. LC925

    [WTB] Golf cart

    Looking for a cart. 4 seater Gas or electric. Show me what you have before I have to go buy new please.
  10. LC925

    First Trip in new to us float & First LEO experience while carrying

    So we had an awesome Havasu weekend out on the lake Friday and Saturday. We took the new to us float and got confirmation our 8 month old loves the water. She even found her own place to hang out in to stay out of the sun. She loves the water itself, but doesn’t care much for sun directly to her...
  11. LC925

    600 sci / whipple upgrade

    Oil pressure sensor! So nearly 2 months ago I purchased a 22 hour boat with a Stage 3 Whipple upgrade. While on the test drive I noticed the actual dash gauge wasn’t reading and the seller told me it was the second one that goes out since he did the upgrade. However, the digital monitor (in the...
  12. LC925

    LAM... 2 years off

    The water and finally back at it! It was worth the wait. I sold our 2001 224 Stoker in 2018 due to planning our wedding in June 2018 and a few inconsiderate friends that chose holidays to have their weddings on lol. Then I assumed we would take 2019 off due to trying to start a family and it...
  13. LC925

    Steel building, is this possible?

    My cousin has a small place in Big River that he built a 24 x 30 steel garage in 2015. Times and boats have changed! Is it possible and if so any recommendations for someone in Parker or a Havasu to “extend” to 35’ from 30’? Room is not an issue, just not sure if this is easier said than done...
  14. LC925

    6 Months...

    Tomorrow so I’m taking her to Glamis for her 1/2 birthday. An hour away and the weather seems perfect. @RiverDave i think I need a smaller hat!
  15. LC925

    [SOLD] FS: 2005 Toyota Tacoma

    https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/dearing-2005-toyota-tacoma/6963871088.html Posting for a cousin. Follow link for contact details. 2005 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner double cab truck for sale with 4.0 V6 engine, 2 1/2 inch lift, Method wheels and 33 inch tires. Upgraded Bluetooth stereo...
  16. LC925

    [SOLD] FS: 2000 Ultra 21’

    https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/d/dearing-ft-ultra-boat/6963854179.html Posting for a cousin who just decided to sell. For contact details Follow the link. 2000 21 ft Ultra Boat for sale with 350 Mag MPI Mercruiser motor. Boat is in very good condition and has always been garaged...
  17. LC925

    Anyone know this hull? Extreme Custom Boats

    So I came across a Boat brand/hull that I can’t seem to find any info or history on. There my be an opportunity to get at a decent price is why I’m looking into it. States it’s a 2007 23’ Extreme Custom Boats with, get this, 27.6 hours on the hour meter. I have every intention to have a mechanic...
  18. LC925

    [WTS] 10 MM ammo

    I have roughly 700 rounds (I’ll go through the loose ones in box and update with accurate count) of 180 grain flat points that I have for sell. I’ll do $150 for anyone on here if you want it all. Luis 909-578-6952 Located in the IE
  19. LC925

    SOLD!!! 2001 STOKER 224 SST 300HP O/B

    SOLD!!!! Ok time has come. She has been really well to us but have new things coming down the line and it is time to list. I am the second owner, previous owner lived around the corner from Johns Custom Marine who did all service up until they closed. Actually made the money hand off there...