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  1. B1gord

    Please help Sierra’s Swim Team!

    I’m actually surprised by the lack of response particularly given all of the recent complaining about the lack of work ethic. These kids work their asses off day in, day out. I don’t think most people realize swim season at the club level is 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Not one of the top...
  2. B1gord

    Please help Sierra’s Swim Team!

    This event is tomorrow and the Stingrays can use all of the support the inmates of RDP can provide! My son’s just completed their first year as collegiate D1 swimmers and I can personally attest to the work ethic that age group club swimming develops. They are 14 years in to one, two and...
  3. B1gord

    Is it me or has the market in Havasu made another huge jump!

    Life rules: 5.) If it seems too good to be true.......
  4. B1gord

    Flying Private from Havasu to OC

    I heard it wasn’t that hard.
  5. B1gord

    Can't help but think about the inflation and something has to give

    Yep. 1970s. Triggered by the Arab oil crisis. Thankfully, Joe Biden didn’t cave to the environmentalists, maintained the Keystone pipeline, energy independence and isolated the U.S. economy from the turbulence of some geo political incident in the Middle East 🙄.
  6. B1gord

    Time for a new refridgerator!

    My Samsung ice maker works great🙄
  7. B1gord

    Vintage Hallett Regatta Shirt

    Very cool👍🏻
  8. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    $800M. Top 99.97%. Not bad😉
  9. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    I’d be willing to bet the other 99% would be pretty damn happy with $7.5M in assets even if they haven’t reached “Wealthy” status😉.
  10. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    Only with insufficient assets😉 If you’re a 1%er in CA ($7.5M in assets), and you were smart enough to get there, but can’t make it work in retirement, there’s something wrong.
  11. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    Not really, as long as the drawdown is less than appreciation.
  12. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    Disagree. I know plenty of people who are 1%er’s asset wise, who achieved that level of wealth by living a conservative lifestyle, avoiding depreciating assets, staying married to wife 1.0, and investing in the market.
  13. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    Highly educated idiots
  14. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    Cheap/easy money. Inflated prices on historically depreciating assets. Domestic energy independence due to the Keystone pipeline. Stability in the Middle East, a fiscally conservative congress. What could go wrong?
  15. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    It was true in the 70s and is still true today, a boatload of fun can be had on a cheap boat, with a cooler, boom box, good friends and family. It’s really not about the boat.
  16. B1gord

    Honest question for RDP...

    I guess it depends on how much of their net worth someone wants to invest in a historically depreciating asset. What’s a reasonable percentage (<5%, <10%, <20%)? To be a 1%er in CA requires about $7.5M in assets, in AZ it’s $3.5M. The numbers just don’t seem to add up for me, but I’m old and...
  17. B1gord

    Rained aircraft parts today

    Pilots should be paid more😉
  18. B1gord

    Taking equity out of your home......

    No! Cash out refi and wait until the great 2008-like reset and buy toys (historically depreciating assets) at 50 cents on the dollar!🤑
  19. B1gord

    What’s the scoop on the Nautical ?

    The Nautical has been in a downward slide since the Tiki Terrace died.
  20. B1gord


    Trump closed the gap in AZ. Spread went from 92817 to 79173 with 2% increase in votes. If this rate continues, Trump will win AZ by 20,000 votes.