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  1. yard dog

    Shout out to San Bernardino sheriffs

    My is a wife is a director at a one of the Colorado river valley hospitals , and covid has hit them hard this week . The hospital has been short on ventilators and has been using bipap to ventilate patients , my wife on the right in the picture made a urgent request to the state of California...
  2. yard dog

    Discount Tire and the CDC

    So this am I went down to my local Discount Tire to get my truck tires rebalanced and rotated , as I did purchase the tires from them 8 months ago with the road hazard warranty and the life time free balancing . I have been experiencing front end bounce at speeds above 60 mph at lower speed all...
  3. yard dog

    Patio cover unside what to use

    So building a new house and the builder has used, looks to be drywall on all the new builds so far for the lid on the patio cover but I want to go with stucco for the lid which would be the best for this the stucco or go with the drywall ?
  4. yard dog

    Whistleblower ? Identiy ? or Fake News

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=-VKzO7CnaEk Watch the you tube video , Hannity on Fox also reported on this last night , but no other mention of this in the news today . So is this the guy ? and is this a set up too impeach the president ?
  5. yard dog

    [WTS] 2018 Pioneer T.T Bunk House SOLD

    Like new trailer for 13,000 hook up and go camping today ,watch the video for all the features and the floor plan on this Pioneer BH250 . PM me for info and cell number . Selling to buy a toy hauler...
  6. yard dog

    Active shooter Lowes BHC

    My wife just got call into the ER multiple victims gun shot wounds , that all I know still active with BHC police on seen .
  7. yard dog

    Happy Brithday to my special girl

    Our family adopted Shannon at the age of 3 years old from a group home , she was a special needs child who has defied all the odds in her life with open heart surgery twice and also has G tube for her nutrition . Shannon is my bubby she loves the boat and going in the truck with me . We so...
  8. yard dog

    Got some new boat fenders

    Just got a new type of boat fenders UPS, going try something different than the regular go to round fenders https://www.missionboatgear.com/products/sentry-fenders
  9. yard dog

    What do you think about this link on the cost of living in LHC ?

  10. yard dog

    River Regatta

    The BHC council votes to discontinue the annual river regatta by 4 to 3 vote , it's done no more !
  11. yard dog

    Havasu Home For Sale , 2500 sq ft

    Selling our home here is the link to view the info.
  12. yard dog

    F-350 4x4

  13. yard dog

    77 Hallett

  14. yard dog

    Pop up cleats

    I have 4 SS Pop up cleats that are 4.5 inches = 100.00 4 all and 2 SS mushroom pop up cleats =40.00 4 both they are in Havasu
  15. yard dog

    Enduro Trailers ?

    Went by Enduro Trailers today but its gone , the sign said they moved to 1649 W Acoma so I took off down to the address and come to find out its the Adrenaline Trailers Shop . So does any body know what happen to Enduro ? it was after 7 pm as I would have stopped to ask but they were gone for...
  16. yard dog

    Boat Trailer

    93 Vanson Jet boat trailer , 2 axle with 1axle that has brakes , chrome rims, ok tires will fit up to 21 foot jet no bunks but still has the wheel side covers for the fenders, all lights work , red in color no chips in paint just sun fade from sitting outside does has a clean title . 450.00 in...
  17. yard dog

    70's panther jet commercial made at havasu

  18. yard dog

    Fuel filter placement

    Does it matter which side my fuel filter is located with a mechanical fuel pump ? should it go before or after the pump or does it matter. Can you have two one before the fuel pump and after ? info 460 ford with a holley 600 cfm mech secondaries , double pumper . In line filters is what Iam useing
  19. yard dog

    Flat bed trailer

    04yr, 6 x 16 flat bed trailer with ramp gate , 2 axle , good tires . in havasu 750.00 gets it I used the trailer to haul my quads no longer need got a toy