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  1. =River Perfection=

    Don Mumma river rat style water pump

    Never used. 500.00 firm
  2. =River Perfection=

    Never worn Shoei helmet RF 1200

    Wife got me this for boat, got open-face instead. I'll never use it. Brand new Size 7 1/8 - 7 1/4. Comes w dark lens 70.00 value. Motorcycle helmet, SXS helmet, boat helmet... 909-670-8058 $400.00
  3. =River Perfection=

    Outlaw Nationals second run

  4. =River Perfection=

    What is “too early” for boat start-up on the Parker Strip?

    We got to make a little noise w the new one. Sure felt GOOD!!
  5. =River Perfection=

    Schiada (not mine)

    Wow that's a memory from my childhood. Our very good friend Bob had this boat built brand new. Was called Red Bare-n. I have pics somewhere. The Interior was originally tan then. It had a Twin Turbo Bob Lambeck engine. My Dad and Bob ran up and down the strip in it for years racing anything...
  6. =River Perfection=

    Stolen Goods from Havasu located in the I.E. (Lake Elsinore Area)

    The topic should read stolen "goods" can a mod fix it, please?
  7. =River Perfection=

    Stolen Goods from Havasu located in the I.E. (Lake Elsinore Area)

    This is for a friend of mine Cole Thurston. His house was broken into in Havasu....... shit popped up in the I.E. for sale, go figure. If anyone sees or hears anything text me 909-670-8058 Ill get you in contact with him. From Cole... I'd like to share these screenshots with my friends. A...
  8. =River Perfection=

    Make your voice heard! Regulations coming to Parker

    No my neighbor that worked for Buckskin did many times, and I understand, we also had a death on our beach from a prop strike. Which you know of, and I have seen my share of accidents, and trama. I am pointing out Alans' biased attitude for a certain performance boat that really has no...
  9. =River Perfection=

    Make your voice heard! Regulations coming to Parker

    Rivermobster.. he's referencing 3 kids getting ran over because there was a "common denominator" of a v-drive get together that weekend as well. Bullshit. How bout 99% of the other fatalities on the strip that have absolutely no "common denominator" to the small hotrod boats he has issues with...
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    Make your voice heard! Regulations coming to Parker

    Alan.. did ur girlfriend leave you on the beach for a guy in a flatty back in the '70s or something? It's well known you have a beef with the flat bottoms, you always single them out. That is fine, your issues (glad you are off the river)... and yes unsanctioned river racing events are unsafe...
  11. =River Perfection=

    COVID truck deals...Ram / Silverado

    Diamond Hills Chevy's Rick Gill has always taken care of me on my trucks. Love the guy... Im sure he has great deals give him a call. Just traded in my 2013... 90k miles and no problems, was an awesome truck. So far happy as hell with my 2020 3500. I'm a chevy diehard though. There is no other...
  12. =River Perfection=

    BASE jump from Rocks by Sundance!

    This was 84... I look less than thrilled w my Dad haha. I remeber that sound as we got closer.
  13. =River Perfection=

    Bought a Baja bug, anyone else into them?

    RIVERDIRT 2 I could have your old race car. My bug was a OG class 5 car in its other life. Cool picture. ONE-A-DAY I belong to few BAJA groups, try Facebook too. Always fun it run across another BAJA in the desert, they are just cool as ever. Our's is getting painted red, but we run around Earp...
  14. =River Perfection=

    2020 Los Angeles Boatshow Vids

    Did Connolly bring out anything? It would be great to see a few NEW v-drives at the show period. Schiada? Fresh glass? I remember going to the LA show just to see if Cole brought out a race boat for his booth.
  15. =River Perfection=

    Stock mercuriser parts anyone??

    Looking for a river friend, they have a BBC they are looking to drop into their boat. More of a budget-minded guy. He needs exhaust and matching thermostat housing, and possibly a few other goods. Just trying to help him out.
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    Chevy service manager?

    My brother has a few year old Tahoe, he bought it from Mark Christopher brand new. It has like 5 recalls. They seem to be fucking him around. Does anyone work for Chevy that can give him better service after spending that kind of money on a brand new car for his wife??
  17. =River Perfection=

    Hallett 210 closed bow 450R (customer build)

    Dude ca'mom!!! Needs Tesarski seats and foot throttle! :(