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    Cutting the cord

    I have done the kodi route twice and it is more than my wife is willing to deal with. At this point in thing either Hulu plus or AT & T. My suspicion is that now that AT & T owns Direct tv they will end up merging somehow. Just not sure if it will become a full streaming service yet.
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    Cutting the cord

    Good info. I'm checking all my options now.
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    Cutting the cord

    Ok all. Thinking about cutting the Direct TV cord. Seems that the new technology is going to streaming. What does everyone use now? How many tv's can you run through each service? AT & T says you can stream on 20 tv's at one time per subscription. Others are 3 or so. We have a few smart tv's and...
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    You guys get another day off of work!

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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    Ambergris Caye or Placencia baby. Either one works but we are leaning towards Placencia.
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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    I hear ya. I'm in the same boat. ( Almost Literally ) I am considering the same thing right now too. The population isn't getting any smaller and the planet isn't getting any bigger so considering supply will never outpace demand long term real estate will always increase over the long haul...
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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    If Blackstone is They? Certainly not Forever but for a good while, Yes they do right now. Blackstones Investors on the other hand is another story. Rest assured that SOME of the Investors will lose Bigly. Ask Trump. He was pretty good at building Casinos with other peoples money and personally...
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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    Market manipulation only works if you can get out BEFORE you run out of money or the markets catches up to you.
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    Duramax cow piss

    You can thank the wisdom of the California Air Research Board for all of this. Without it we could have a cleaner environment, greater MPG, A Smaller Carbon Footprint, less expense vehicles, and to top it all off, less Global Warming if you believe in it. Lol
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    unless your 50 or older then you get a 1500.00 per person catchup.
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    You can also do a backdoor Roth if you are over the limits too. Good employers offer a tradition 401K as well as a Roth 401K. Major differences between 401K and IRAs are the contribution limits. 401K limits are something like 19,000 and 26500.00 if your over 50 years old while IRA limits are...
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    Outback in Florida....

    Apparently her Who Ha hurt and the Fentanyl patch just wasn't doing the job! :D LOL
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    Channel incidents- just wondering

    It's like a Mini Lounge :D
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    how do you enforce this

    As well they should for not being a responsible gun owner. Your gun is your responsibility. Pretty simple to me. No different than leaving your blow laying out in the open. :D
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    Mill & Lathe

    That is a killer deal for both of them. I may just have to take a drive to get them both. Just need to decide if I need them.
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    House build problem

    The lawyers will be the big winners in this deal. Sorry about your situation man but several things could have been done differently to TRY and correct the problem. You should have just listed the house as it was and given an agreed upon credit/discount on the sales price to the buyer if they...
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    Need input...

    Get a Polaris General instead.
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    Making auto inflator pfds safe

    Them there are fighting words. I've never voted for a liberal in my life. I have been forced to vote for a few POS Republicans though.
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    Making auto inflator pfds safe

    Right. We also used to sleep on the rear deck above the back seat of the car on road trips too. Lol
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    Show me your bow lights

    Call Skater and see what they use. Those are Very Small LED's and almost invisible and are SUPER Bright.