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  1. Ballyhoo

    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    But that exhaust echo...
  2. Ballyhoo

    Smoker Recommendations

    Thanks. I have couple others that are not pictured. I would love an old Ranch Kettle 👍🏻
  3. Ballyhoo

    Smoker Recommendations

    Perfect explanation! For me, it's a Weber Kettle for the win in the versatility category. Just pick one.
  4. Ballyhoo

    Shooting, body cam footage

    totally. Somebody should have deployed a rifle. These are the exact situations for a rifle.
  5. Ballyhoo

    30th birthday havasu dinner

    We have always had good luck at Cha Bones
  6. Ballyhoo

    Net Worth

    #5 Remember that you are the parent and hold the purse strings. Feel free to say NO to your kids when they want to choose a private school / out of state school on an in state school budget. Saddling you or your kids with student loans is insane if it wasn't planned for.
  7. Ballyhoo

    Ecoboost timing chain repair

    I believe the had a potential timing chain issue with the first two years of production. Mine is a 2014 with 160K trouble free miles. I have completed all necessary service especially fluids and filters.
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    F150 power boost hybrid

    I need to get that 36 gallon tank on my next Ecoboost
  9. Ballyhoo

    F150 power boost hybrid

    How many gallon tank?
  10. Ballyhoo

    Lets see those boats

    It rides like a battleship 👍🏻
  11. Ballyhoo

    Lets see those boats

  12. Ballyhoo

    Reverse sear part II

    Looks great
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    Android phone issues

    All our Verizon phones at work have no service
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    How Much Fuel $ Spent in Past Week in Havasu ...... Too Soon?

    It depends on the agency and the individual cop/fireman. for cops there is forced OT that includes patrol shifts and court appearances. There is also voluntary OT to be had at many agencies. When I was in the mix I probably worked 10-12 hours per week of OT that I could not avoid. In some...
  15. Ballyhoo

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    Body cams have helped LEOs more than it has hurt them.
  16. Ballyhoo

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    If they take away qualified immunity, pro active police work is over. Cops would just respond to calls and when decisions need to be made, request that a supervisor respond to make that decision.
  17. Ballyhoo

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    Its called, qualified immunity. Liberals want to take that protection away.
  18. Ballyhoo

    [SOLD] 1996 Hallett 240 Open Bow

    Welcome to the Teal Club! Great looking rig! Ill keep an eye out for you this season. Would love to get a closer look.
  19. Ballyhoo

    Speeding Ticket In California (75mph in a 70mph) Worth Fighting?

    Was it in the the "Safety Corridor" South of Barstow? If so, that could explain the 5mph over citation. Most CHP cops are going to better prepared in traffic court over the average city/county cop. I would imagine the Barstow court is well aware of the speed issues and associated carnage on...