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    Speaking of distracted driving.

    Two days ago my girlfriend and I were in a head on collision with a distracted driver. We were in her Jaguar XF on a two lane road and a Honda Odyssey Van came right into us. We were doing 45 mph and the witnesses said he was doing 60-65. There was zero time to avoid the accident. My gf now has...
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    Speaking of California is anyone else troubled by this?

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    Looking to buy a Jeep in Lake Havasu. Help needed.

    So I found a really clean Jeep on Jeep Trader in Lake Havasu. Lists the guy’s name address and phone Number. Address is legit but the woman at the phone number says that she occasionally gets calls for this guy but she’s had the number for a few years. The guy does exist. The address is 1510...
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    Anybody want to buy a 5K boat for $23,500.

    These boats were manufactured in Roseville CA. I have experience with two of them (didn't own any). The first (a 21 ft daycruiser) had a stringer delaminate. The second (18 ft runabout) had the deck and hull separate...
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    Dewalt Miter saw deal at Lowes.

    I was in Lowes Friday and saw a deal on the Dewalt 12 in. Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw at 399.00 (Reg $549.00). Then noticed a sheet that said if you buy one you get a Dewalt saw stand (Reg $199.00) free. They had stacks of them. Went back yesterday and bought them. $399.00 got me $749.00...
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    The coolest Trump supporter ever.

    This woman is 94 years old. She visits my across the street neighbor every Friday. She got the hat two weeks ago when she drove 100 miles from Sacramento to the Trump Rally in Carson City Nevada. By herself.
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    Best craigslist jet boat ad this year.

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    craigslist scam of the day

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    The Sea Pearl (Caution, boating related content).

    So this 43' Hunton Motor Yacht shows up in my buddy's dump truck yard two years ago. Bought out of England by some rich guy out of Colorado who inherited his parents natural gas wells. Nice boat, twin Volvo diesels and all top of the line stuff. He had a custom trailer made for it in florida...
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    Arlen Ness

    RIP It is with heavy hearts that we announce Arlen Ness the visionary, loving husband, father, grandfather and leader of our family passed away last night March 22, 2019. Arlen passed away comfortably in his home surrounded by loved ones after the most creative and inspirational life anyone...
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    $80,000 boat for only $24,999 !!!!

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    Hey Grads, Check this out !!!

    Less than ten miles from your house and in my old neighborhood. Since you've asked several times in the past, this is one of the reasons why some of us carry guns. Placer County Sheriff's Office 4 hrs · On December 30th at 8:25pm, 25-year old Brandon Smith and his girlfriend, 23-year old...
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    RIP Tyler Evans

    It's sounding like he may have taken his own life. Racer X has learned that Tyler Evans, the bombastic, talented, former top privateer of AMA Supercross, has passed away. Evans was 38 years old. While we have heard several stories as to the cause of death, we won't report on any of the rumors...
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    So I ran into Grads while I was launching my boat the other day.

    And he did or said absolutely nothing that pissed me off so I went to the ranger station and tried to get him banned from there anyway.
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    65 Howard Flat Bottom

    Posting this for a friend. This boat is in the original 53 year old gelcoat. Been in this family for about 20 years. 454 is very crisp. I've ridden in this boat and it hauls ass. He's asking $8500.00. PM me for more details and contact info. See contact info here...
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    Question-Boating Related

    I'm in the process of replacing the broken plastic Drive Lube Monitor Fitting on the Bravo 1 in my 2003 Caliber 1 with a 496 Mag. That in itself is worthy of a thread as it is the most buried part I've ever seen in 45 years of wrenching on shit. The question is that since I had to pull the...
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    The Two Happiest Days in a Man's Life

    The day he gets his boat and the day all the Christmas shit is put away for another year.
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    Gear Lube in Bilge

    I have had to add drive lube at the rate of a few ounces after running for a few hours. Today I noticed the reservoir low and a fair amount of gear lube in the bilge. The reservoir and hose is clean, no leaks. I thinking pinion seal?
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    Pervert exposes himself to the wrong guy's kids.

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    A few Hangtown Pics for ya