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  1. riverroyal

    I touched a GREAT wall today , bigly in person...with pics

    So i was in campo at a flat track race. Vintage atvs. Kids mini dwarfs, cool little event We took a polaris general to the 'wall" I had no idea you could walk right up to it. Guess no reason you cant, just never thought about it. We went to the old minute men post. Apparently they found a new...
  2. riverroyal

    Vax money, I dont get it

    116 million to give away? 2 million people getting $50 gif cards? Im assuming this is tax dollars they are giving away? I didnt agree to this as a tax payer.
  3. riverroyal

    Havasu landing casino docks

    Do they have a dock/slip i can pull into at night? Thinking about a night cruise over
  4. riverroyal

    public docks in the channel question

    are they open to anyone? Im thinking about taking the toon to dinner at blue chair. Can I use the dock? Or can I pull up on beach at like 8pm and leave the boat for a few hours? Gracias
  5. riverroyal

    PSA. 2 more havasu days under 110 degrees until?

    Wont see under 110 for months. Wear yore sunscreen kids
  6. riverroyal

    no more masks....per CDC

    thats all carry on.
  7. riverroyal

    Netflix binge watch.. ‘the serpant’

    8 episodes based on a true story of a gem dealer murderer overseas. crazy story. It’s a actual show, not a documentary It amazes me the quality of these ‘series’ lately. it’s a must watch. Good luck watching one episode Or falling asleep after Hit Netflix last month I think.
  8. riverroyal

    Microchip shortage in vehicles. The next 'whats next'

    This has been in the news about a month. Factories are closing or running short weeks The trucks and cars are built but cant be shipped until the chips show up. Good luck getting a truck if you are in the market. I know of a nice 2019 F150 hitting a lot soon 😀
  9. riverroyal

    F150 owners

    I have something for sale in the classified. just saying 😁
  10. riverroyal

    F150 bed cover

    Please see the everything section RR
  11. riverroyal

    SOLD-2015~20 F150 bed cover

    Ford bed cover. Pretty sure its a back flip brand. Bought at a ford dealer. On my 2019 truck. No dings. No scratches. Always waxed. Washed once a week although its dust in pic from the wind today. $1000 new. $600 or best. Im removing it next week. Next truck already has one
  12. riverroyal

    Big O tire guy?

    who is it again? Need some new shoes
  13. riverroyal

    20mph winds this Saturday coming up. Gonna need more anchors!

    Like every year, bit breezy.
  14. riverroyal

    Disneyland tickets...yeap i did it

    Im not a fan of the place because i love social distancing. But at 50% occupancy im good So after 8 hours stuck in the website queue i got tickets. On a Wednesday next month Haven't been since carsland opened which was one of my projects. Just me and mrs RR. Park hopper for alcohol in cal...
  15. riverroyal

    Rd in the channel now?

    Thought i saw him in the 'big' toon. If its you come pick us up at the turtle, i need to ride on that thing
  16. riverroyal

    San clemente cars and coffee today. With pics!

    My 1st time. Son goes once a month. Apparently its this incredible every saturday. From ridiculous exotics to old school Rare bmws and right hand drive imports Here we go...
  17. riverroyal

    Dozens of new CV 19 in sd...from migrants

    The convention center that has been converted to hold migrants girls has dozens of cases. Feel free to move this to the dungeon. Unreal. So pissed as a tax paying American
  18. riverroyal

    Low voltage lights. Landscape or house lamination

    So i ended up with 10 vista 9.5 watt lights They retail for 200 each Before go to offer up any offers here? Brand new. Great lights. May keep them for the next house before i give them up dirt cheap
  19. riverroyal

    Need mod help

    Cant log in on pc with password. On cell now and obviously havent logged out. How do get back in?
  20. riverroyal

    just a little video to get you thru work, it has a boat!

    no idea how I stumbled on this video. Its pretty cool seeing boating on the other side of the states and how they do it. This couple appears to have their boating shit together to run over 100 in traffic. Wife is rock star for communication enjoy