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  1. shueman

    Boat Transport in Enclosed Trailer

    Friend called and is looking to move his project boat from SoCal to Stancraft in Idaho. Wants to protect the raw mahogany work that was done by Harlan Orrin. Looking for a carrier with an enclosed trailer. Boat is approx 18' long. Thanks!
  2. shueman

    40' Hallett ...

    Anybody know this boat? It was at GT Performance today and Gary told me the owner is putting it up for sale ... GT 1200 power. Thing is HUGE !
  3. shueman

    Nice 24' Schiada ...

    At Prime Marine today ... they are putting it all together for the owner :cool: IMCO outdrive
  4. shueman

    2013 22' Daytona Merc 300xs

    Posting for a friend who's up in Richland WA ... :cool: 22' Daytona, all Carbon Fiber layup ... purchased boat and trailer then worked with Paul Walner (Bullhead Bully) on final rigging. Less than 50hrs total ... 120MPH on GPS asking $89,500 obo. From the seller: I purchased the new 300xs...
  5. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Laveycraft

    Spent the morning today with Chris Camire and staff at Laveycraft ... they have a full house of build and service boats along with a nice 24' for sale ... 2001 24' 496MAG B1 trim tabs etc ... Chris said $51k
  6. shueman

    2017 Eliminator 28' Fundeck Hard-Top

    Up for sale is this "first" Eliminator 28' Fundeck 2017 model ... owner is located near Lake Eufaula OK ... asking $175k. Motor is a Keith Scroggins Whippled 525, IMCO SCX drive ... less than 40hrs total on the boat. Msg me for owner's contact info as needed. Here are the pix he sent over and...
  7. shueman

    Drone through the forest ...

    Ran across this ... Gab707 is one of the best competitive drone racers out there and is highly sought after for his skills to document various locations ... this "flight" is truely mind boggling ... :cool:
  8. shueman

    Greg Olsen LOTO 192mph ...

    From the cockpit ... TBT !
  9. shueman

    Catalina Ski Race 2018

    Who's goin' ?? Always a great show / Event ... the best from all over the world will be there ...
  10. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Interceptor Boats !!

    Made the trek down to Elsinore to see Chris at Interceptor Boats ... they are running on all cylinders and packed to the gills !! They have several 26' Cats in the build / rigging stages, doing a ton of service work, building their own trailers ... good to see !! All the Cat Models get a...
  11. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Barron Boats !!

    Got out today and hit some of the local shops to see what's happening ... first on the list was Barron Boats! Jerry was kind enough to grant me access to the back and Frank showed me around. Very nice facility ... The new deck is curing nicely and should be out of the mold and put together...
  12. shueman

    This "legal" ??

    Big dicussion on FB about this setup ... I say illegal without more info ...
  13. shueman

    SoCal Today ... GT Performance

    Got to get out and visit a few shops today ... mostly follow-ups on recent activity :cool: First Stop: GT Performance in Upland Dale the owner was there getting ready to take his 26' Daytona back home (NoCal) ... this thing is a "beast" 1900+ hp and 140+ mph ... Gary lake tested it on Thurs...
  14. shueman

    1991 Eliminator 234 EDGE

    Posting for a friend ... Mike Lasher $19,500 obo Open bow, 454 Mercruiser with a Bravo 1. Has captains (silent) choice exhaust on it. Motor is carbureted and has approx 850 hours. 2 New optima batteries mounted in Eddie Marine billet battery boxes. I mounted a Billet battery switch in the front...
  15. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Johnson Marine

    Located just west of Mountain Ave on Holt Blvd in Ontario CA, Johnson Marine continues to thrive within the Boating Industry ... plus they are very nice people and my neighbors !! :cool: From their website: Since 1955, Johnson Marine has provided the finest boat sales and service dealership in...
  16. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Concept Speed & Marine

    2nd stop today was Concept and what' happening there. First time meeting John and he was very accomodating, had a great conservation and showed me some of their current projects. A couple of Schiada's in the works: This one's jet powered ... They are interested in doing a "build thread" in...
  17. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Pat's Fiberglass

    Out "making the rounds" of some shops here in Socal ... probably 8-10 different places just here in the Ontario / Upland / Montclair area alone !! First Stop: Pat's Fiberglass in Upland. I've always heard good things about Don Haydon's shop but hand not idea the depth and reach of his...
  18. shueman

    Big Blue time ...

    The Catalina Fun Run is this week-end !! They have quite a schedule of events planned including staying overnight :cool: Here's a YouTube video from last year ... FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1942773509372175/ I'd go but my old bones say "stay on shore" :confused:
  19. shueman

    SoCal Today ... Shop Visits - UPDATE !!

    Spent part of the day today "making the rounds" :cool: Prime Marine - talked with Mike and Johnnie about advertising on RDP and got some shots of this beautiful Beezer they have there ... Workmanship is impeccable !!
  20. shueman

    Elsinore Today ...

    Went down to the Green Monster to meet up with the boys from Laveycraft who were going to lake test the new 29' NuEra ... I was at La Laguna, they opted for West Marina ... Boat looks great !