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  1. aka619er

    Solar financing in Yuma, AZ. APS price increase.

    I just got a letter that APS is requesting another permanant price increase of upto 10% here in Yuma AZ. This has me thinking about solar again as this will never end. I am currently on an equalizer plan paying $225 a month year round. 4bed, 3bath 2500sqft, Pool, spa, AC at 73 all summer. The...
  2. aka619er

    Registering golf cart AZ, dumbfounded.

    Yesterday I decided to title and register one of my golf carts here in AZ as I have lived here for 14 years now and never did it to this cart. After standing in an hour long line its my turn. I tell the nice lady at the counter what I plan to do with offroad and able to cross HWYs so it needs to...
  3. aka619er

    DCB Power Slide!

    Doing a close fly by. https://www.facebook.com/steveandpenny19/videos/pcb.2481980982057007/10216802596352543/?type=3&theater One of the comments says he stayed upright and dry. Scary though.
  4. aka619er

    Home Depot delivery schedule is worse than a cable company service.

    My delivery window for whole house new tile is sometime between 6 AM - 8 PM today. I'm still waiting at 5:41 PM and have been here all day. I've called twice and all they can say is they will try to give me 30 minutes notice. 14hr window. Unreal.
  5. aka619er

    Load bearing wall removal, beams question.

    The wife and I are currently doing a house remodel. Our kitchen is in the middle of our house and it's a galley style kitchen. Our plan is to flip out current kitchen to where our dining room is in the corner with minimal expense since we have all new cabinets, countertops and floors on the way...
  6. aka619er

    Advice on replacing yard fencing that keeps getting wet.

    I live on a golf course tee box and love having my yard extend out through the fence for lack of better terms. Currently I have a brown coated block wall with metal/steel wrought iron in between. In the 7 years I have owned the house I have had to replace the iron portion twice. Last week my...
  7. aka619er

    Tiger Woods Lawsuit Confusion.

    Sorry if this is a VIN but I couldn't find another thread about it. Anyways, I was under the impression that when someone owns a business they are generally done under a corp or LLC to limit the liability of going after personal property if its a business issue. So this issue had nothing to do...
  8. aka619er

    Family Members Ashes Left At Our Home Opinion.

    Odd story and am looking for advice on a questionably sensitive situation. Wife's mom died a couple of years ago after a failed double lung transplant. She was cremated and put in a fairly large urn. On Thanksgiving 2018 the entire family came to our place and wife's dad asked if he could...
  9. aka619er

    Payson, AZ Trailer Storage

    As we finish up our adventure next weekend in Williams, AZ, with my kids elk hunt I would like to move the trailer to the Payson area. Would anybody know of any dry trailer storage in Payson? Would rather leave it up there instead of towing back to Yuma after Williams and then to Payson. Have...
  10. aka619er

    Unit 10 Williams, AZ, Youth Elk Hunt Trailer Storage.

    My son has a youth cow hunt on October 6-14 in Williams AZ. We plan to drag the 33' toybox up there the weekend of the 22nd for our first time to check the area out and get a game plan. I was wondering if anybody knows of a place to store it for two weeks until we get back up there for the hunt...
  11. aka619er

    Mercury 200 Trim pump keeps blowing.

    Need help with Mercury 200 trim pump. Have installed 3 now and they run when free from the unit. I install them, button it all up, add oil, push the switch or run straight to battery and not a thing. Pull them back off and they are toast. One guy just told me it sounds like the valve body...
  12. aka619er

    2018 Annual Lower River Horseshoe Tournament

    I never hear much about this event on the boards but figured I would throw this up here for those who may be interested. The summer horseshoe tournament has been going strong for 22 years. Turns out a ton of players and bystanders for a great event as well as another good day on the lower river...
  13. aka619er

    What would cause outboard trim pump to seize twice?

    When I picked up my new to me Cheetah with a 200 outboard I realized the trim wasn't working. Solenoids would click as would the pump motor. I went through the pain in the butt process to remove and test pump and it just clicked even when wired straight to the battery. I ordered and received a...
  14. aka619er

    Run of the mill trailer manufacturer?

    Who would you go to if your just looking for a normal no frills trailer? 20' Eliminator Skier tunnel hull.
  15. aka619er

    I think rear tie downs saved my new to me boat. F$@K CA roads.

    Let me first say F#$k California roads. My truck is still pissed at me for the drive to and from San Francisco. No idea how people live there and drive that regularly. When towing another new to me boat home to Yuma on the 580? at 55mph I was literally catching air. I looked back going off one...
  16. aka619er

    Some Guys Initials are on the Boat!

    Today I purchased a new to me openbow Eliminator Skier 21' tunnel with a Promax outdrive. Once the transaction and paperwork were complete he told me a negative to him about the boat. The issue was that some guy put his initials in the center cap of the steering wheel and he didn't have a...
  17. aka619er

    Verizon to T-Mobile opinion.

    Who uses T-Mobile? After they spent $billions upgrading their network and with the future acquisition of Sprint they sound like a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Currently I pay $222 a month for Verizon service which is three lines unlimited and two phones financing at $32 each. So $64 for the...
  18. aka619er

    Is the Magic Box going downhill?

    StreamSmart Wizard updater is gone, StreamSmart Facebook page gone, StreamSmart forums gone, Apps and updates/info dropping on the regular. Is it time for us haters to try the FireFox now?
  19. aka619er

    Cost to re-gelcoat an Ultra 23 and add a used 496 or 525.

    I have been shopping for a Ultra shadow 23 or Placecraft for a little while now. Ran into a damaged Ultra that was a flamed gelcoat and is missing motor. Since it was flames anyway and that isn't my style this just may work. Needs a little fiberglass work and then I would choose a simple clean...
  20. aka619er

    Opinions on leaving truck and trailer at the ramp all weekend?

    Planning a trip to Havasu where we will launch there and head to Laughlin for the weekend on a Friday and return on Sunday. It will be a group of about 20+ on boats and jet skis. What are your thoughts of leaving the truck and trailer at the ramp for the weekend? Would you do it? Where...