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    Louisville KY

    Are there any members familiar with Louisville KY area that would be willing to answer some questions for me in DM? An attractive job offer just arrived and I know nothing of the area, have never visited. I would be relocating from SoCal.
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    Sold please delete

    Not even 1000 miles on these. Went up to 37s. E RATED 10ply tires. quantity of 4 tires. Just bought them from tirebuyer.com date codes are 2020 (I will verify this tonight). Receipt in hand. One minor visible flaw inside tire that wont affect anything, contact me for image. $900 firm is the...
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    Saw JJ post on his story looking for a 21RC or 24 schiada. Wonder what's in store for this build? Monster garage build? Personal hot rod? Says he has motor and trans ready.
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    [SOLD] sold

    please delete
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    Please delete.
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    Free Razor krazy kart tires and tube

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    Rzr parts

    Here are the RDP bro prices. Firm prices 2017 XP4 1000 left rear trailing arm. 190 miles. Closest to new as you will find. Silver $100. Grant "D shaped" wheel with Polaris brand black adapter and black horn button delete. Used 1 time! $100 ALBA racing auto cam chain tensioner. NIP, never...
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    Halloween 2018

    And... the kids are no longer allowed to wear costumes to school. No parade, no party. Thanks libbys! Too many offended snowflakes.
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    Welcome Sunrise Ford

    Welcome guys. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Bobby and Matt in the past. Always great service and awesome pricing. Glad to see you guys on RDP!
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    Toyota dealer on the board

    Need a new commuter soon. Not a joke, just coincidental timing to the other threads.
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    Shockwave boats

    Is there a shockwave contact here to message? Another thread here piqued my curiosity, what would one expect to spend for a 21 skier with 6.2 bravo, ballpark? Pretty standard, not many options I would require. What kind of interest rates/term are y'all seeing on a new build? Thanks Thanks all.
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    Sold please delete
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    15% off almost anything on ebay

    Saw this posted elsewhere. Thought I would share. Yes, there is some fine print but I didn't read it. Ends at 7pm PST. LMK if it works, gonna order some rzr shit after work if it does. Code is: PSPRINGTIME
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    What's the consensus on LT tires on a rzr?

    I see a lot people doing this. I know they wear like iron, but concerned about the weight/wear and tear on the drivetrain and suspension components. Looking at a BFG atKO in a 30x9.50x15. Really don't want to be smoking belts..... What say y'all based on experience? 2017 xp4 1000 fwiw...
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    Sharing an Instagram with boss. Good idea or nah?

    Boss travels the world and posts up on Instagram, food, etc. A lot of people in the office do. I currently don't have an instagram but have many requests for one. Just to show family fun and some of my builds. Starting a rzr build, been using the fuk out of it stock, etc. Just don't want him to...
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    Anyone do complete paint jobs anymore?

    Need the excursion painted. Typical peeling from roof on these things. No body work needed. Same Ford white as it came from the factory. Want good materials and prep work. Anyone have GOOD shop in the IE/OC/SD? Most shops wont touch anything other than collision work anymore. I have found most...
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    Anyone at El Mirage this weekend?

    Thinking about heading there up early Saturday AM fir the day to break in the new car. Is it busy? Still safe or too crowded? Thanks!
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    N/A 1000 vs turbo reliability

    I seem to get better answers on RDP than other forums. Looking to pick up an XP4 soon. Still debating over turbo or not. Will rarely be in sand, 90% desert. I'm not an extended warranty person. Being that the turbo has more shit to go wrong, is the NA 1000cc car more reliable and less...
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    WTB spectra 20

    Looking for clean clean clean! spectra 20. Yellow preferred. Full stringer boat preferred. BBF or BBC only. No olds, no Jacuzzis, looking for a minor resto boat. Jets and v drives ok. Don't want fucked up gel coats. No osmonic delam or major cracking etc. I JUST missed whbinders rig. Pump...