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  1. pkrrvr619

    GPS calibration?

    I have a nordskog gps that is hit or miss, more miss these days. Says 10 mph no matter how fast we were going today. Does anyone know how to calibrate or reset these things?
  2. pkrrvr619

    Horse power calculator?

    Does anyone have an online horsepower calculator? I am getting so many conflicting estimates on how much hp my boat has and didnt know if there is a calculator or any hard fast rules. Engine specs in case anyone wants to guess and maybe we can put together a consensus. 516 motor (efi) 8.75/1...
  3. pkrrvr619

    Shout out to EFI Store/Brian Macy

    In my pursuit to iron out the porpoising issue I had with my 25 daytona i thought that making sure the engine running in top shape may be a good place to start. So I called up Brian at the EFI Store and we spent a few hours on the lake yesterday remapping out the EFI system. After Brian cleaned...
  4. pkrrvr619

    Rent/Borrow Prop Havasu Parker Area?

    Does anyone know where I can borrow or rent a prop in havasu/parker next Thursday/Friday? I have an appointment for some on water tuning and the props that came with the boat are a 26 and a cut down/labbed 28. I'd like to try a 30 4 blade bravo while tuning. Haven't had much luck when calling...
  5. pkrrvr619

    Super Cat Fest Schedule?

    Does anyone know what the Super Cat festival schedule is? I know there are events for registrants for photos shoots, lunch, and the concert up by pirates but I had heard there is a london bridge swap meet or some other events on land that may be worth checking out. Anyone have the info on those?
  6. pkrrvr619

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    Over the past weekend I was having a discussion with my uncle whom visited havasu for the first time last summer and was on a friend’s wake surf boat. He was telling me how much fun his family had for hours surfing waves in a cove. When the topic of our boat came up, he asked if we can ski...
  7. pkrrvr619

    Parallel Docking a Cat

    Took my daytona out to a local San Diego lake for some seat time and when we got to the dock things started to fall apart a bit. The Tres class taught me how to back in to slips etc and we discussed the parallel parking but that was a few months back and without any practice between then and...
  8. pkrrvr619

    Daytona center pod question- help needed

    So the Daytona I bought has a hop and I started looking at what may be causing this issue. (I know all single step Daytona’s hop but this seemed a bit much). I took a straight edge to the sponsons and they were straight and looked good. When i did the same to the center pod i noticed that it...
  9. pkrrvr619

    External Rv generator auto turn on?

    So the wife and I want to do more lake runs this year but are leery of leaving the pets in the Rv while we are gone in case of power outage etc. Our fifth wheel isn’t a toy hauler so it doesn’t have the built in generator. Is there a way to figure up an external generator to turn on if power...
  10. pkrrvr619

    Driving My 25 Daytona Today First Time Any Tips?

    So I bought a 25 daytona for Christmas (685 hp) and am taking it to a local lake today to get some seat time and get familiar before i takes the Tres class next week. That being said, any tips or last minute tricks to get a bit comfortable with this boat so i can get a couple hours of seat time...
  11. pkrrvr619

    Electric fuel switch

    May be a dumb question but the boat I just purchased has an electrical switch for the fuel tanks. can you switch these while running or do you have to stop, kill motor, switch, then restart? im thinking keeping balance on a boat is important so a run to pirates on one tank then switch on way...
  12. pkrrvr619

    Tres Martin January, any rdp members going?

    Signed up for the class janiary in havasu. Any other inmates attending?
  13. pkrrvr619

    How to build a river mooring ball?

    Where we are at in parker we have a beach where we can place mooring balls for the boats. Most keep the boats overnight but there is no way i feel comfortable doing that so this would be for day use. However i need it to be secure. I've seen neighbors use heads chained together, box anchors...
  14. pkrrvr619

    23’ Renegade custom boat

    Up for sale is a 23’ 2004 Renegade walkthrough open bow (same hull as a Caliber 1 2300 silencer). 496 mag power with bravo 1 out drive. Fresh tune up and service this year. Boat always serviced by kmg in San Diego 24p stainless steel 4 blade prop. Off shore controls with gaffrig gauges. Dual...
  15. pkrrvr619

    Hey LAM bought a Daytona

    So after many calls and texts with the owner the wife and I decided to make the Trek from Socal to Portland to look at and buy our first cat hull, a 25 daytona. We were a bit uneasy driving so far to look at a boat but the owner did not lie when he said this thing was clean. Hell it was...
  16. pkrrvr619

    Best practices for higher hp boat?

    I’m looking at a 25 daytona with 700hp and xr drive. This will be my first blown motor set up. coming from a bravo 1 496, what differences in operating, maintenance schedules should I know about? first lesson was difference in insurance costs. 4x! warm ups, cool downs, change gear oil more...
  17. pkrrvr619

    RDP Braintrust. What Would You Do? Sell, Buy, Rent? 2021 prediction?

    My wife and I are considering selling our home in El Cajon and moving to Canyon Lake CA as it seems to fit our lifestyle a bit more than east county san diego these days. that being said, we have a realtor come over and he would list our home for enough to walk away with a huge downpayment on a...
  18. pkrrvr619

    Road Trip Socal to the FL Key? Am I Crazy?

    2020 has been fairly gnarly to our family and we need a change of pace to clear our heads and see some new scenery for a bit so as the title suggests I thought a road trip from Socal to the Florida Keys sounded fun. Plan is 5 days out with the 5th wheel, stopping at night (6-7 hours a day...
  19. pkrrvr619

    Rolling Black Outs In Parker This Weekend?

    Got an email from the park that Edison said power outages may happen on the strip this weekend and that we were encouraged to bring a generator. Havent had this occur before in the last 7 years i've been going to the strip. Anyone else hear of this and or what are the odds it occurs? My 3k...
  20. pkrrvr619

    Hey LAM! I Made A Custom Watch To Match The Boat (Octagonal)

    So back in January when the square faced watch thread popped up it got me thinking about custom watches. Being a bit of a watch nerd myself and enjoying Swiss made watches, I set out to see how hard it would be to design, source, and build a custom watch to match my boat using high quality...