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    40 oz carpet

    Anyone have a west coast dealer on good carpet? I am in Northern CA and trying to avoid a bunch of freight.
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    Good covid vid

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    Going stepless

    Thinking about going step-less, putting ladders on old man guides, thoughts /mounting suggestions?
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    Fiberglass tandem fenders

    I have a real nice set of tandem fiberglass fenders in nor cal. Make me a reasonable offer? (Kinda hard to ship )
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    RD did you start parler act

    Looked but can't find
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    Who owns "BIG RHONDA"

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    EMI Thunder

    Anybody use these/problems/heard they blow gaskets on risers?
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    Float bar VS winch

    So I am putting old man guides on my trailer and am working on using winch and pad rather than float bar. So the Idea I have is that the angle of the bow is slight enough that I am concerned that the winch will pull it off bunks and on hard stop possibly climb? Anyone else ever do this? I made a...
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    @RiverDave Have you looked into this? I am Ditching google /Facebook and any other source that is censored . I think we should all take a long hard look at what we do and use and what impact we all can have.
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    F Google

    Switching to DuckDuckgo ! Anyone else?
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    Is he gone yet?

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    Did I miss something ?

    Dickhead banned again? Flag thread?
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    Trailer step diamond plate?

    Looking for off the self diamond plate tops for these steps from shadow trailers. I can make them but being lazy and laser cut is sweet. And no shadow has none or no clue even though they have picture on home page.
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    Bunk Wood

    Alright I know this topic has been beat like Grads willy but what is the shindizzle for bunk wood? Doug fir? Thinking about using 3/8 square u bolts and routering in a notch so securing will never be an issue also it is stored indoors so less time in moisture. What say yee?
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    Lotto live feed

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    center cavitation plate

    So working on my 79 Eliminator 21 round keel and laying out center plate . I have seen a number of installs and I have one issue which is drain plug location that is going to dictate the height of the hinge. I am thinking that instead of overlapping them I can shorten the side plates by 3/4"...
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    Not mine

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    Trailer wheels

    4 15 x 6 5 on 4.5 trailer wheels paid 56 sell for $43 ea Bought wrong pattern for car trailer. In nor cal.
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    Myth Busters

    Sad deal!