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  1. J&k x-flight

    Havasu Pool temps

    You guys got giant hot tubs.. :p Havasu pool is 75-78 tops in summer. Wait I went and checked..it's 80deg.. It's also fiberglass in ground with no insulation... So it stay cooler..
  2. J&k x-flight

    My EYES!!!!

    You get to pick your vision.. close or far.. I chose far and need reader's now for anything within arms distance..
  3. J&k x-flight

    My EYES!!!!

    Best thing I ever did. March of 2020 right before the government control started... These guys are the best.. Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute in San Diego
  4. J&k x-flight

    The drive between Havasu and SoCal

    why not take the 10fwy to 95?? avoid the vegas traffic crowd
  5. J&k x-flight

    Hubcap removal

    Put some duct tape over cap and Wrench to spin it and pull..
  6. J&k x-flight


    Awesome car.. Sometimes in life we have to sell stuff to stay afloat.. sucks bad been there done that.... It's the only year mustang I like and own... I'm going to start a 408 stroker motor build...
  7. J&k x-flight

    Nice! State Farm Dividend Checks

    Got 4 checks just on our cali policies.... Nothing on Az policies...
  8. J&k x-flight

    Kill switch lanyard’s

    would still like to buy a all blue one..
  9. J&k x-flight

    Good morning Inmates Sunday’s Honey

    quiero Taco Bell
  10. J&k x-flight

    Littering pice of shit

    I have some folks that know who this guy is... I don't have social media but they saw it and made remarks... Rdp is awesome
  11. J&k x-flight

    Possible Vin inlet pics:

    saturday saw boats fly across it throw brown wakes. in the afternoon was even more boats doing it..
  12. J&k x-flight

    Littering pice of shit

    what lake did this happen at?????
  13. J&k x-flight

    Is it me or has the market in Havasu made another huge jump!

    Neighbor bought in July 2020 at 360k just sold it at 480k. And he did some pavers in back and cleaned up pool area maybe spent 10k..... we could of bought the house in 2017 for 255k but choose not too and bought our house at 212k with one car garage but with pool and all current upgrades.. We...
  14. J&k x-flight

    Always pay cash 😁

    We finance when it makes sense.. Paying interest does not bother us. It's part of the deal. If your not comfortable financing them don't do it.. We say you can't take it with when you die.. so spend and enjoy it now..
  15. J&k x-flight

    Lower River Smuggling

    AZ governor moved B.P agents plus national guard to border. so the yuma i8 checkpoint and n95(AZ) checkpoint have been closed for last few weeks.. if they would of bothered to read and check.. there we be need to try and boat up river..
  16. J&k x-flight

    Cancer Sux

    Sad to hear..RIP.. We lost both Goldens 2 years apart to same stuff.. we couldn't spell or pronounce the crap... Been almost 3 yrs and still not ready for more.. we talk about it but haven't pulled trigger on more fur babies.( woman calls um that)
  17. J&k x-flight

    #TrustMeVodka #SundayswithMarysandMimosas #RiverDavesPlace

    One of the reps was in havasu pushing the stuff. We worked them and got a free bottle.. all 6 of us didn't care for it and agured who's keeping the bottle..lol Neighbors got it..
  18. J&k x-flight

    Best price for turbo rzr s with dynamic

    Shop around.. I was after a 2seater pro xp ultimate.. Had to be the white n blue.. 3rd time at dealer in the last 6 weeks.. I said bottom line I will buy today if u drop Adm mark-up.. Plus they dropped there extended warranty to bare minimum price.. Got 3 yr warranty parts n labor any polaris...
  19. J&k x-flight

    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    If I could only stop playing with cars. (All current rides).. I would maybe have a MTI. OUTERLIMITS.. SKATER.. DCB.. Not in any order just one of them eventually.
  20. J&k x-flight

    Converting closed bow to open bow.

    we had a mid cabin victory. way easier to get in and out of.. make sure the opening fits you if your bigger person.. i would think your 6-8k maybe more in todays market..