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    Lakefront storage Havasu

    Unit B143 30 foot unit. Bathrooms and showers at facility. 190 a month. Just became available.I just cleaned out my stuff and called and canceled. Just an FYI in case anybody is looking.
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    San Clemente Area Restaurant Recommendations?

    Something nice. Not 200 bucks a person nice but something better than average. A good steakhouse or seafood or something but more than casual. Flemings, Mastro's etc are all half hour to 40 minutes plus away. Any local joints a little closer I might be able to swing a reservation for Saturday...
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    Hey Classless Grads

    Just thought everyone can see what I actually sent you in PM which you have ignored and continue to follow me around. I guess nobody can comment on anything pools because you know everything. If you were so successful then why aren't you building anymore? People don't want dildo shaped pools...
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    Water Heater-Yes Another Thread

    Rheem that came with the house. Lasted over 10 years. Leaking this morning. Could have happened over the weekend before I had to work and have some sort of flu or something but nope happened this morning. Anyhow, before I go to Ferguson this afternoon and spend a bunch of money I'd rather...
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    Pool Build Thread

    Thought I'd contribute something other than gun info for a bit. I'm doing an owner/builder subcontract instead of hiring a general. So far it's been a good experience. Subs are glad to work directly and get paid cash when work is done. They are willing to negotiate as well. Saving a bunch of...
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    Ducks tonight

    Got one extra ticket if someone wants it. Meet me at the Pond.
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    Utah CCW

    Okay I have a couple people asking about this and thought we could knock it out in a group setting. For a Utah CCW you have to go to a trainer certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. I am such a guy. Classes around So Cal are around 100-150 bucks. For RDP I will do it for...
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    Help in Stateline

    My niece is on her way to visit her grandparents in Mesquite. Stuck in Stateline with a check engine light and car won't move. Some sort of slow leak but I had her check all fluids and all is good. Car won't rev up even in neutral or park so computer is keeping safe or throttle cable maybe broke...
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    2004 Ultra 24 Stealth

    2004 Ultra Custom Boats 24 Stealth with 296 meticulously maintained hours. This boat looks like its a 2015 model. This is a great deal on a boat that has a timeless classic hot rod flame design and is not outdated like many of the gel coat designs out there. The boat has been serviced by...
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    What the heck is up with 86 octane? Was in Texas before and never saw it. Just gased up in El Paso and there was 86 88 and 91. I opted for 88. Wasn't going to jack up my truck.
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    Flights to Laughlin

    Seems like a decent deal. Especially if your boat and tow vehicle are already out there.
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    Martial Arts

    Hand to hand combat and martial arts training is good stuff to know. With that said I just walked out of the house to take my boys to school and an Aisian neighbor is in all his garb doing katas in the middle of the street. As I stood there waiting for my garage door to close with my 45 in my...
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    Wakeboard Tower and Tow Cover

    What's the line on putting a tower on an Ultra 24 Stealth in Havasu preferably? Then a shop to do a custom tow cover after that fits around the tower. If not in Havasu then SoCal will do but I'd prefer Havasu as the boats there and I'll be in Texas. If it's SoCal then it can only be done right...
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    Texas Sux

    So don't any of you chumps think of moving here. Havasu house just sold, going on an interview Thursday and as soon as I land a job out here I think we are moving. So don't any of you think of making this sucky place worse.
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    Trailer Sale and RV Purchase

    So we want to sell our trailer and buy an RV. I've seen the posts around here about cranky ape and other places to buy. I think I might be able to find a good deal in a new RV come the time but I'll still take advice. What have people had the most luck with selling RV's or trailers? Ours is...
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    Travel trailer fiberglass repair

    Looking for the cheapest easiest way to fix this. Had a small mishap this weekend. Not structural. Just cosmetic. Cheap chopper gun end cap. Want to make it look decent again and not devalue too badly when we sell. Would like to get an RV. Anyone do or know who does this reasonably or can...
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    Who of you is lucky enough to get to go out and kill some birds on Monday?
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    Props (no pun intended) to Absolute and The Propeller Company

    4th of July weekend we were holding the boat near shore up at Moabi and a couple camps over the group camp instead of going up rice kept doing there hot dog tubing etc right in front of the campsites. We were just trying to get the kids up on skis etc and were getting close to the next...
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    Hey ARDY

    Is that your little bitty boat in the showroom at Absolute?
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    Utility Trailer Rental

    Need one for a week for a camping. Is UHaul the only place to get one?