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  1. rpmsrup

    Crazy Horse

    Im sure this has been talked about, but thought I would ask anyway, seeing how the Housing market is so damn high right now we are looking at putting the rv at a sight for the summer instead, what are the pros and cons of crazy horse, is there parking next to rv for your boat? and if so can you...
  2. rpmsrup

    Willow Valley? Looking for info

    Looking for info on Willow Valley, was looking at the homes up there, any info would be great. is it a nice place to own, how many of you have a place there
  3. rpmsrup

    Beachcomber Estates info

    I know theres a thread on Sams Beachcomber, but looking for info on Beachcomber estates, some of the mobiles look decently priced, How is it in there? is it a decent place to stay
  4. rpmsrup

    Best underwater transom light?

    I have 3 of the boatpluglight dagon lights on my boat they seem to work good, but they are starting to yellow in the middle as its just epoxy and the outside is is changing color because they are anodized. not sure if there is a better setup...
  5. rpmsrup

    Magnafuel pump & regulator

    Magna fuel 275 fuel pump and regulator, with lines for single cab will work with dual, also pressure sending unite and gauge, $350 OBO plus shipping Jonathan 951-538-2115
  6. rpmsrup

    Billet shore spike

    Wasn't there a billet fold-able shore spike not to long ago that someone made? cant seem to find it in search
  7. rpmsrup

    Getting Married @ Havasu Springs

    Hey everyone Im getting married @ Havasu springs next year, They have a really nice Venue that we liked, Im looking for some help on finding DJ for the event. Maybe someone close to havasu or the springs. thanks for the help
  8. rpmsrup

    [WTS] Vessel View 4 SOLD!

    I have a year old Vessel View 4 with harness for sale, Great condition looks and works brand new, going a different direction $650 shipped, 951-538-2115 Jonathan SOLD!
  9. rpmsrup


    Selling my Z1 xp4 fully loaded, Hawk Z1 kit with Vipec ECU, dial a boost from 265-315, big stereo, jettrim seats heated, rugged radios, ipad indash mount, underglow, str8ght up cage one piece lexan roof tinted, custom paint, lots of extras not listed call or txt me, Jonathan 951-538-2115 $32k OBO
  10. rpmsrup

    Need help naming my boat

    So we are trying to come up with a name for the boat and cant decide on a name. maybe you guys can help. "RPMsRUP" "Split Personality" "Bolt-Ons" "Trimming" "Aired Out" I really want "Perfect Pair" but thats taken or "Perfect Match" but thats taken also
  11. rpmsrup

    Havasu Bound 3-16 thru 3-18

    Headed out for our first boating trip this year. who will be out there?
  12. rpmsrup

    Magna Flow fuel pump

    I have a Magna Flow pump and regulator with sending unit and gauge for sale. $300 OBO Jonathan 951-538-2115
  13. rpmsrup

    Prop service

    Wheres the best place to send props to have them worked on? I have a set of hill eagle 4 signatures that are a little to much bite and to much bow lift
  14. rpmsrup

    Octane booster?

    Octane booster does it actually work or is it junk. if it works which ones is the best would like to hear some opinions
  15. rpmsrup

    Best oil resistant epoxy

    I have a little problem with one of my lowers, it has a small pin hole leak, I was told welding it could lead to more problems because of the material and all the oil that was in there contaminating the weld, so i was thinking of putting some kind of epoxy inside the gearcase to prevent leaking...
  16. rpmsrup

    CMI big tube headers

    I have a set of CMI big tube headers with stainless lines, freshly polished and pressure tested. asking $1800 jonathan 951-538-2115
  17. rpmsrup

    blower, chillers,sheet metal manifold for sale

    Hi i have a few parts forsale i was going to build a motor but decided to go different route Jonathan 951-538-2115 10-71 moonyham blower $2200 teauge super chiller fresh polish and gaskets $1000 SOLD blower shop billet chiller tested good $1500 SOLD! Hogans sheetmetal blower manifold std deck...
  18. rpmsrup

    300x best oil to run

    Hey everyone im buying a new to me boat that has twin 300x motors on it what is the best oil to run?
  19. rpmsrup

    wts 5 blade

    I have a 5 blade not sure what brand. was told it was a 26p but it has standard bravo hub and i have fat shaft. its about 15 inch in diameter i paid 350 for it would like to get that out of it but open to offers thanks jonathan 951-538-2115