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  1. jstnoc

    Ram 2500/3500 rims 20

    4 Black factory 20’s with factory TPMS off 2018 Ram 2500. Excellent condition $500 obo located in San Diego but head to river (needles area) often. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jstnoc

    [WTS] Hilborn 4 port hat tunnel ram setup

    Was holding onto this for a future build but will entertain selling. This is off a SS/PS boat setup for alcohol. Hat was recently show polished and comes with all parts shown. Edelbrock Victor 2 tunnel ram with two locations for nozzles or can plumb back to hat. Has 2 pills and 2 shut offs...
  3. jstnoc

    [WTS] Pulleys for sale

    1V crank pulley TBS - new $75 Teague power steering pump pulley - new $75 Teague Part #BIL058 PM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jstnoc

    [WTS] Bennett Trim Tabs - 18x12

    Used in good condition with new pump. No lines or switch. $250 OBO plus shipping PM me an offer I’d like these gone :-) Prefer SoCal or Havasu local pickup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. jstnoc

    [WTS] Sea Strainers - GIL

    SOLD. 2 stainless GIL sea strainers in great condition. 1.25 push on straight thru $395 for the pair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. jstnoc

    [WTS] Mallory Super Mag II

    Tall deck super mag II with transformer and carrying case. PM me - $450 OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jstnoc

    Free trailer rims and center hubs

    Free for pickup this Thursday the 31st in Rancho Cucamonga Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. jstnoc

    Need help - tach drive crank pulley

    I have two motors with Casale tach drives hung off the front of the motors. They are driven by these mandrel style crank pulley adapters. The key slot (at the tip) is rounded out on both and I need help locating new ones? I think racey installed these.
  9. jstnoc

    [WTS] Billet water pump pulleys

    1. Teague BIL058 - brand new polished $75 2. Hardin 625-4024 - used $75 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jstnoc

    35 Schiada Cat

    Looks like a one and only 35 schiada cat for sale https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/wan/d/schiada-35-foot-cat-hull/6235583266.html
  11. jstnoc

    Aluminum Fuel Tanks - Gunnel 24 gal

    Tanks from my 22 cruiser. They are stamped 24GALLON each. Looks like they were made by lightning mfg in 1990. They are in good shape and were recently cleaned by a radiator shop and I put new imco sending units in them. They measure roughly 72.5" long x 17" tall x 3" wide at bottom and 7.25"...
  12. jstnoc

    Fuel Lines - Carb & Blower

    I have 3 carburetor fuel line kits SOLD. 1. $75 - Brand new Russell 641141 - endurance finish #8 Dual inlet for Dominator carb with 1/8npt gauge port - http://www.jegs.com/i/Russell/799/641141/10002/-1 2. $120 - Brand new littlefield blowers polished fuel log. #8 feed bung with 4 3/8npt carb...
  13. jstnoc

    WTB - Morse Rotary Steering

    Command 2 - Looking for full setup or cables only. PM me what you have.
  14. jstnoc

    Trim Tabs - Bennett 18x12

    Bennett trim tabs and pump. 18 wide by 12 long. Pump is brand new. Will need new hose and switch. 350 OBO
  15. jstnoc

    21 Dimarco - No power no drive

    Posting for a friend. 21 Dimarco - Was told this was Gary Harabedian's old boat setup with big power and a stern power drive. Boat is fully capped with new all white gel and interior. Old wiring harness is still in the boat along with Aluminum tanks. Tandem trailer and boat cover included...
  16. jstnoc

    WTB - Gen IV timing cover

    Looking for an imco style gen IV timing cover for cam driven water pump.
  17. jstnoc

    WTB - Sea Strainers

    Preferably Teague small style strainers. Whatcha got??
  18. jstnoc

    Tunnel Ram setup

    Polished Weiand Tunnel Ram - Welded seamless port matched to 088's (rectangle port) 2 Proform 750 race series carbs - 4 hours run time Stainless fuel lines, fuel block, fuel pressure gauge, thermostat housing, flame arrestors, throttle linkage, Included 1100
  19. jstnoc

    R&D oil coolers

    I have an R&D oil cooler which looks like it has built in thermostat and wondering if it would be a good cooler for my application. Anybody have experience with these or advice? I am putting a naturally aspirated 580 in my boat and will need a cooler for my application. Any help is...
  20. jstnoc

    NICE PARTS - motor accessories ignition and headers

    I am putting my motor into a VDRIVE so I am selling all the merc/bravo style accessories. All parts are in excellent condition with low hour fresh water use. Best offer or great deal for package. 1. Water pump with billet pulley and bracket - 200 2. Steering pump with billet pulley, bracket...