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  1. Nielmcque

    [WTB] Nordic cyclone

    Looking for a nordic cyclone prefer a 250 or bigger outboard.
  2. Nielmcque

    Nordic cyclone/crossfire.

    Does anyone on here have one? I'm interested in buying one but would like to check one out in-person.
  3. Nielmcque

    Armstrong flats boat?

    Does anyone know about Armstrong boats. I'm looking at this boat but have not found alot of info on it. Anyone know how they handle lake chop and how well they perform.
  4. Nielmcque

    [WTS] Baker RST 20 foot

    For sale Baker RST modvp. Its a 1986 title says its 21 feet. The hull is not perfect but it all works good just had the boat out in havasu for a couple days. Worked great ran mid 60s full of fuel, 2 people and big icechest with out really pushing it hard. Seats are in decent shape. Has new...
  5. Nielmcque

    Rough weekend at the river, lower unit gone

    My lower is on the bottom of the river near Laughlin.
  6. Nielmcque

    Baker/stoker setup questions

    Any baker/stoker guys out there want to share their setups. What height are you running your props at? What props are you running with what motors? I'm running a 225 promax.
  7. Nielmcque

    28p performer prop

    Incase any outborad guys are looking for a nice prop I've got a 28p performer for sale in the classifieds. https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/performer-prop-28p.202581/
  8. Nielmcque

    [WTS] Performer prop 28p

    28p 3 blade performer prop stainless requires flowtorq style hub. I only ran it for 10 minutes but I bought it used. Nice prop 500 bucks.
  9. Nielmcque

    Stored motor

    If you were going to buy an EFI motor that had been stored for a while what would you do before taking it out and running it besides having the injectors cleaned and changing the water pump?
  10. Nielmcque

    [WTB] 225 promax

    Looking for a complete mercury 225 promax outboard with low hours.
  11. Nielmcque

    200 optimax on a baker?

    I'm looking at a 2010 optimax 200 for my Baker anyone have any input I know they are kinda weight sensitive the optimax only weighs about 500 pounds.
  12. Nielmcque

    Fraud I think

    I think some one on hear tried to sell me a bogus engine. I was sent a private message with a guys email say to contact him he might have the kind of outboard I was looking to buy. The guy who sent me the message had been a member for many years but hadn't really posted anything so I thought...
  13. Nielmcque

    [WTB] 2.5 liter merc EFI 200

    I'm looking for a 2.5 liter mercury 200 or maybe bigger with EFI.
  14. Nielmcque

    Thinking of selling my Baker Modvp

    After haveing some bad luck with motors I'm thinking of selling my 86 Baker modvp. At the beginning of the season my original mariner 220efi developed low compression on one cylinder so I bought a rebuilt carbed Bridgeport powerhead that I put some professionally rebuilt wh46 carbs on after...
  15. Nielmcque

    [WTS] 2.4 merc bridgeport

    2.4 Bridgeport power head fresh fully rebuilt wh46 carbs carter fuel pump with jegs regulator. Motor has less then 20 hrs on rebuild but lost a piston due to possible over propping. Was still running. 1000 bucks
  16. Nielmcque

    [SOLD] Two offroad buggies

    I'm selling my two VW powered buggies both run well and green stickers and ca registration and I have pink slips in hand. They look a little dirty in the pictures Thats because have driven them recently. They have been all over ocotillo and glamis I have paddles and dirt tires for both. The...
  17. Nielmcque

    Baker mod VP tunnel flex

    Is it normal to feel the top of the tunnels flexing in the baker mod vp boats? Do I have an issue or is it because the stringers are run along the sides of the tunnels instead of the top? Anyone with baker experience your input would be appreciated.
  18. Nielmcque

    Brucato ACU ?

    Anybody running a Brucato ACU? What kind of gains did you see? I'm was thinking of putting one on my 220 EFI.
  19. Nielmcque

    Baker custom boats

    Baker stuff