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  1. pkrrvr619

    Consolidating - Hey LAM / New Trailer

    What a beauty!
  2. pkrrvr619

    Cutting the cord

    Sling tv works for us
  3. pkrrvr619

    Thompson bay accident

    In life guard training they taught us how to kick/push someone off of you so they don’t bring you down as well so you can reevaluate.
  4. pkrrvr619

    Bad day for someone at Willow Beach yesterday

    Probably just melted from the heat.
  5. pkrrvr619

    EZGO Project

    It really is a miracle for plastic at 18 bucks. Your cart came out amazing!
  6. pkrrvr619

    GPS calibration?

    I have a nordskog gps that is hit or miss, more miss these days. Says 10 mph no matter how fast we were going today. Does anyone know how to calibrate or reset these things?
  7. pkrrvr619

    Old school bread

    Sourdough is very popular now with people being locked up from COVID. It’s a good hobby to learn as there’s a million ways to make it and you can add ingredients to it as well. Think jalapeño cheese sourdough etc. what whole wheat flour are you using for this recipe? The crumb looks really...
  8. pkrrvr619

    Balecraft Marine - when you can’t afford to be caught

    ive seen that one. Crazy flick!
  9. pkrrvr619

    Balecraft Marine - when you can’t afford to be caught

    Great movie. You lived through the good times.
  10. pkrrvr619

    Balecraft Marine - when you can’t afford to be caught

    Born in 85. So missed out on that decade. Unfortunately it sounds like I missed some fun as well!
  11. pkrrvr619

    Balecraft Marine - when you can’t afford to be caught

    I feel dumb even asking but the 80s were wild. Is this real?
  12. pkrrvr619

    Streaming Services

    Roku with sling tv, Netflix, Amazon rounds up our services and we save a bunch cutting the cord
  13. pkrrvr619

    EZGO Project

    Lift and wheels look great. Not sure what direction you’re going for seats but there an Etsy vendor that makes custom covers you just staple on. We went with Mexican blankets soaked in 3m to give it a rat rod vibe along with no more burning of asses in the hot as sun.
  14. pkrrvr619

    Blue Water : Bankruptcy?

    I remember being 20 at that place and gambling away the last 20 bucks from my weekly paycheck (blew it all) at a keno machine drunk AF and chain smoking. It was about as degenerate as it got to be honest. However that experience alone pretty much kept me away from casinos during the times in my...
  15. pkrrvr619

    EZGO Project

    Looks great! When I re did mine recently i purchased the same steering wheel but in a different color combo. I think its one of the best looking out there just $$$$. For your plastic parts, use this to bring them back to life and shiny (dash, trim, etc). Shit really works...
  16. pkrrvr619

    Desert Storm Recap Video

  17. pkrrvr619

    Look for a GAS golf cart

    don’t have any links as I did the make over myself. Rims and tires New shocks Reupholster seats Paint the body Cerakote trim kit to bring plastics back to life Repaint metal brackets New roof.
  18. pkrrvr619

    Look for a GAS golf cart

    Gas carts are pretty robust. You could look into getting an older one and giving it a face lift. 1800 bucks pretty much makes over a golf cart
  19. pkrrvr619

    Blackstone Accessories

    Scrpaer, metal spatula, bottle of oil, fuck ton of paper towels to clean up, and a bacon/burger press if you want to get fancy. Its just a griddle, not a ton of stuff ya need. Spend the money on better ingredients for the food.
  20. pkrrvr619

    Hey LOF

    I have followed these threads for a while and was was wondering is there even water front land available where this can be a possibility? All the other obstacles aside?