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    Battery Charging in Parallel?

    I have a ProMariner 3 Bank Charger. I have three batteries. One is for starting [Perko setting 1] and two group 27s, running in parallel [Perko setting 2]. What is the correct way to hook up the charger? I have never permanently connected the charger to the batteries. Run a charge...
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    Gelcoat Stain?

    So I accidentally left a plastic spray bottle of vinegar/water mixture on my swimstep last time out... mid-January (2 months ago). It was a generic plastic spray bottle you find at Home Depot. Was up this weekend for clean before heading off for her annual service (cannot let her go in dirty)...
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    Parker Tube Float - June 9th

    Mark your calendar... if you like it, join. If not, stay away. I was up year's back and did not know this was happening... what a show. http://business.parkeraz.org/events/details/41st-annual-parker-tube-float-the-rats-are-back-1817
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    CA Unclaimed Property Thread

    These come up every year or so. Figured we all can check again to see if you have any money due to you. At a minimum, just add your last name. It widens the search. Good Luck! https://ucpi.sco.ca.gov/UCP/
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    Why do my headlights keep blowing out???

    Too frustrating. I have a 2003 Honda Accord. Over the last 18 months or so, I have replaced my low beam headlights about a dozen times. Although both sides blow out, they do not pop at the same time. I just changed out the passenger side 2 weeks ago and then tonight the driver's side...
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    RD SUX Sighting - 73 North - Black Escalade

    Who did I pass this morning on the 73 North?
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    Rio Vista Boat Storage Increase

    Damn. I know storage is at a premium right now in Parker... and this letter proves it. Just opened it tonight. 40' x 13' individual unit jumped from $225 to $260 a month :skull It is a cement slab and lit. Shared outlet out in front of the unit, but no private outlet in the unit...
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    PSA - Boating with dogs

    Now that the triple digits summer temps are right around the corner, just a little reminder for those of us who boat with their pups: More can be found here: http://www.discoverboating.com/beginner/safety/boating-with-pets.aspx Hydration Bring plenty of water. Boarding Consider a...
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    Parker Strip River Road to reopen to Traffic

    http://www.parkerliveonline.com/2017/05/01/parker-strip-river-road-reopen-traffic/ The river road on the Parker Strip is to reopen north of Sundance Saloon after a unanimous decision by the La Paz County Board of Supervisors Monday. The scenic stretch of road has been closed since 2014...
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    North San Diego County Inmates - Get together Saturday?

    Anyone around this weekend and feel like meeting up? My last attempt at meeting inmates in Parker was cancelled because my pup was ill. Since we moved inland last summer, we have not been back down to Downtown O'. Kind of miss it. Was thinking of going to Bagby's... noon or 1. Good...
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    Parker P.D. awarded new patrol vehicle

    I know every here drives safely, but please take note. Parker will soon have another patrol car: The grant, from the Governor?s Office of Highway Safety, is to be used for enforcement of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws in Parker. ?Parker Police Department?s goal is to reduce the...
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    Thanks, rivergames (Andrew)

    Dig the sign :thumbup: The best addition to my room :drink:drink Sucks we kept missing each other in Parker, but thanks for getting this to me! I owe you a beer for all the back & forth texts. Joe
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    AZ turns 105 today :drink:party::bday:bday Cheers!! While people are celebrating Valentine's Day and devouring chocolate hearts on Feb. 14, some Arizonans will be eating cacti and celebrating a different holiday: Arizona Statehood Day. A little over a century ago, the lovely state we...
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    Meet 'Karl"

    Our newest pup. A new rescue/shelter opened up here in Oceanside - Last Chance at Life. Wife jumped on their website and found 'Karl' immediately. We arranged to meet yesterday. Our biggest concern was how our two labs would feel about bringing another pup into the mix. They were fine...
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    :59 on Parker

    Played with the GoPro last weekend :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u5Fu1ZwtqU
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    Accident on the 177 (Rice Rd)

    Single car rollover on the 177 just south of the 177-62 'T'. And the helicopter broke after it landed... taking up both lanes. I passed through ok, just slow.
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    Placing a Mobile Home in AZ info??

    Anyone bought and placed a mobile home on raw land in Parker / Havasu / Lower River lately? Really curious as to real costs associated with doing this. We still have financial commitments that we need to fulfill before buying something in Parker, but I think this may be a viable option...
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    Handyman in Coachella Valley / La Quinta?

    Looking for a reliable Handyman for our house in La Quinta, CA. Not a very demanding job... just some odds and ends now and again, but our current guy sucks and I had to fire him. Our tenants are great and I need someone out there that can jump on things in a timely manner with a sense of...
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    FREE GoPro Battery for Hero4

    I ran into Best Buy and grabbed a GoPro battery thinking they are all the same. Well, they are not. :) Of course I tore into the packaging and tossed the receipt. Days later, I tried to fit this new battery into my GoPro... ha ha no go. I have a GoPro 5 and this battery fits the 4...
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    2017 Lake Moovalya Drawdown

    https://www.usbr.gov/newsroom/newsrelease/detail.cfm?RecordID=57641 BOULDER CITY, Nev. ? The Bureau of Reclamation will lower the level of Lake Moovalya by approximately one foot in elevation for about two weeks beginning in early January 2017. Lake Moovalya is the small body of water...