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  1. Riley1

    2021 Damn Dam Run SHIRTS. Youth shirts available. ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT TO ORDER

    I’ve been in contact with Graphic Ink for a month or so getting this years shirts drawn up. I do not have an illustration yet, but I do have the “cut and paste” rendering. Just like last year, it will be $25 a shirt to start and price may go down if we get to quantities like last year. Please...
  2. Riley1

    2021 Damn Dam Run. 1 week left to order shirts (separate thread). All those staying at Katherines Landing

    Shirt order thread now open https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/damn-dam-run-shirts-2021.237143/ For everyone staying at Kathrines Landing. Please PM me with your last name so we can make Shute to get our discount through the motel office. While so many things are uncertain right...
  3. Riley1

    I deleted Facebook

    There has been a lot of talk about it. Has any else done it? I deleted years ago and only started another maybe 8 months ago. I thought that I needed to get back on to oppose the other side. I felt that not being on was kinda like succeeding. Then learned that they filter everything for...
  4. Riley1

    Hey LAM. Diesel tow rig #2/ Roadtrip

    We sold the X5 when we moved to Nevada (Our last “diesel tow rig” https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/hey-lam-our-new-diesel-tow-rig.168412/) and we’ve been using our old 06 Expedition to tow our boat ever since. With close to 200k miles it’s about ready to die so we decided it was...
  5. Riley1

    Got banned!

    On another forum. so I was expecting to get my new Gladiator today. That didn’t work out and maybe for the better (still deciding). So as Biden plans to announce his theft of the presidency, there were no less than6 brand new Jeeps front and center. I didn’t start the thread, nor was I the one...
  6. Riley1

    Lake Mead Run and Big Sandy Campout.

    October 10th is the day. @jeepdog and @Riley1 are running Lake Mead from Boulder ramp to “Big Sandy” for a Camp Out Bring you’re tents and sleeping bags. We’re going to water ski, tube, and wakeboard for the kids. Also BBQ, bonfire and.... Who’s down for boating the way we grew up Boating?
  7. Riley1

    Damn Dam Run “Meet and Greet and BBQ”

    We are planning a Friday night “Meet and Greet” at Katherines around 7:00pm as well as a post Run BBQ (grill) on Saturday around 6. I am bringing 2 36” blackstone griddles. Planning on Philly cheesesteaks (and chicken) on Friday. Street Tacos on Saturday. there will be lots of kids, will be a...
  8. Riley1

    LAM, I’m Facebook famous.

    So tomorrow I start modernizing the elevators at the Riverside in Laughlin. I’ve been provided a Hotel room and brought the lake lice down with me. Someone in Bullhead was really bothered by me having a wave runner and a Lavey im bringing the Bahner down in 2 weeks. Maybe their minds will just...
  9. Riley1

    Willow Valley this weekend.

    Rolling into Willow Valley in about half an hour. This will be our first time staying on our lot we bought just over a year ago. Staying in the RV. Anyone else in the Willow Valley hood this weekend?
  10. Riley1

    Damn Dam Run Shirts order to be placed June 30th.

    Let’s talk about shirts. I reached out to Graphic ink today to get a quote on shirts. I figured 50 for the quote. At that quantity, it’s about $25 per shirt. $450 of that is for the design. Before moving forward I need to know how many people are going to want a Shirt. I’m trying to figure out...
  11. Riley1

    The day we’ve all been waiting for

    New Coors Light cans.:cool:
  12. Riley1

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    We are now 3-1/2 months away from the Damn Dam Run, August 8th. With Desert Storm and many other functions being cancelled or postponed, this might be a good first year for some people. There will be multiple families staying at the Katherines Landing Motel (25% discount when you say you’re...
  13. Riley1

    We have a lot of experts here!

    Who know more about medicine/pandemics, economics and politics. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/15/dr_fauci_on_coronavirus_if_people_think_were_overreacting_that_means_were_doing_it_right.html I wonder how many members would have gone to the Philadelphia parade in 1918? Maybe...
  14. Riley1

    The Kids are out of School.

    But this is no vacation. Mom has Cameron doing reading, math, spelling and writing. I got sent home today until at least Monday, but made it home in time for P.E. where we rode to Bootleg Canyon from the driveway, hit a few trails and coasted back home. Just over 6 miles round trip with a...
  15. Riley1

    [WTB] CRF-50 training wheels.

    Anyone have a set they no longer need for a crf or xr 50?
  16. Riley1

    [WTS] Yamaha TTR-50

    2006 Yamaha TTR-50E. New Battery. Practically new Tires. Just rebuilt carburetor. Bike starts right up. Has GYTR foot pegs and triple clamp. Triple clamp allows for standard bars to be installed. Allows you to install taller bars also to extend use for a child or use as a pit bike. Does not...
  17. Riley1

    Riley1’s Boulder City Pool Build

    As some of you know. My family recently relocated from Chino to Boulder City. One of our requirements was a pool. When we didn’t find the perfect home with a pool we decided we were better off building a pool to suit our needs. We met with 5 different pool builders, 2 of which were references...
  18. Riley1

    Name and NV# paint.

    I know that this has been discussed many times for painters in Havasu, but does anyone have a recommendation for a painter in the Henderson area that can paint boat name and new registration numbers?
  19. Riley1

    The Claw KOOZIE

    So the wife has taken a liking to the White Claws. Now we have a problem with keeping her hands warm and drink cold. No koozies that I am aware of that can accommodate the oddly shaped cans. @RiverDave , are you working on these? On the bright side, my Coors Light lasts about 1/8 longer than it...
  20. Riley1

    Working out so far.

    Been 4 weekends that we have been in Boulder City. We have boated every weekend! This has been like a dream come true. First weekend, in the middle of moving, we boated mead for a couple hours on a Sunday. Next weekend was the Damn Dam Run. Only an hour and a half drive after work on Friday...