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  1. LAPII

    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    Negative, that distinction would have to go to Kachina!
  2. LAPII

    The Great Loop

    Anyone on here with experience doing it? Would a CC cut it?
  3. LAPII

    NEW RIDE (not a boat)

    Like your style, very nice!
  4. LAPII

    What ever happened to SCOPE?

    The fun Catalina runs!
  5. LAPII

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    I dont get wrapped around personal, agree to disagree, your last paragraph says it all, and remember at my agency, civilians run the department like a lot of other Departments.
  6. LAPII

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    Great observation and in my opinion (27yrs in), cameras ended good police work, and created a false solution at very expensive cost (millions) to tax payer, it was sold to the coppers as protection against false complaints. How has that worked out so far?
  7. LAPII

    George Floyd

    I was thinking if they don't get the Murder, it will be excessive force or negligence. Even though MPD, trains in that particular technique. Either way the cream of the crop will come out and destroy our cities, is my guess.
  8. LAPII

    George Floyd

    What say ye.......Predictions? Looks like jury stacked against Chauvin.
  9. LAPII

    Cost of tinted windows

    Tinting that front windshield is a HUGE gamble if you get in a bender. But I guess it looks cool?
  10. LAPII

    New ZR1 Corvette Mid-Engine?

    Waiting for Z06!
  11. LAPII

    Lab Puppies

    www.silverbulletlabradors.com. ....pretty cool.
  12. LAPII

    White Denali HD w/Magic Powerboats Sticker

    Possibly diarrhea run?
  13. LAPII

    We found a loophole boys.....

    Here we go, down the dumb cops again thread, didn't take long.
  14. LAPII

    Beta Test RDP's sister site - Luxury Center Consoles

    Love it! Way to go RD!
  15. LAPII

    Two LAC Sherriffs shot at Blue line in Compton.

    Wow. Just wow.
  16. LAPII

    [SOLD] Innovative Lighting Power Light

    im interested, picture?
  17. LAPII

    Baller Toon

    Nice but for that much cash......lucky strikes would’ve been a better way to go! RD....wheres that center console website you were working on?
  18. LAPII

    George Floyd - Minnesota Death

    They need to release the body cam footage. IM NOT SAYING IT IS, but possible positional asphyxia, or believe it or not carbon monoxide poisoning, in which the officers actions create a horrible optic. This will all hinge on the coroner’s exam.....this could get real ugly.
  19. LAPII

    WOW! "Why California is in trouble" (not bashing your state - just reporting)

    Let's be real, that's not why, try millions to homelessness, and a group of individuals who are getting services "Illegally" because it feels good, and they have children born here that have been educated on those services. Now those educated children have taken over Sacramento. Just saying.
  20. LAPII

    Panic! Question?

    Does this mean I can get a hell of a deal on an HCB center console? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk